Getting Rid of Mold in Marble & Slate Showers

If your shower is relatively clean, but has visible mold issues, there is hope as in most cases this is not a difficult process.  If after this process, there is still visible mold stains, contact Marblelife Customer Care for assistance.  There are circumstances that can make this more difficult such as if the moisture is coming from behind the tiles and grout causing mold or when a coating has been applied over the grout not allowing this cleaning effort to reach the source of the mold.

Other Helpful Information:

Needed Supplies:


Step 1 – Spray & Soak

Spray Marblelife Mold & Mildew Stain Remover on all surfaces of the shower and allow to soak for 10 minutes.  Scrub any remaining visible mold with a soft brush and repeat this process until no visible mold stains remain.


Step 2 – Rinse & Dry

After step two is complete, fill a large cup or container with clean water from the shower head and thoroughly rinse all the surfaces of the shower.  Towel dry all the surfaces of the shower, leaving a visually clean and fresh smelling shower.


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