Concrete & Terrazzo Care Products

Concrete represents the fastest growing floor choice in America due to its ease of care, breadth of finishing options, and superior indoor air quality benefits. Concrete finishes are also expanding in exterior uses beyond the typical driveway, walkway and patio surfaces.

Whether natural, stained, polished, dyed or coated MARBLELIFE can assist in its care. We apply cleaning and sealing based on the unique care challenges your space creates, ranging from leaked (or spilled) auto fluids in the garage to seasonal mold-and-mildew challenges that darken your concrete to the dismay of the HOA.

MARBLELIFE-ENDURACRETE line of concrete sealers can help stave off those dreaded concrete pockmarks associated with water turning to ice after seeping into your unsealed concrete and “popping off” the top, or spauling to create permanent concrete pock marks. 

MARBLELIFE-ENDURACRETE can also provide you with products that will clean, seal, repair, polish, and coat your concrete surfaces.  The breadth of concrete design and beautification options are expansive… and once installed we can provide the cleaning products that will maintain that beauty for years to come.

Let us help you find the right cleaner and sealer for your situation.


  • Concrete Driveways, Patios Cleaner – Formulated to cut through seasonal mold and mildew stain challenges.
  • Concrete Driveway, Patios and Walkway Sealer – Formulated to prevent concrete spauling and pockmarks associated with freeze-thaw water damage.


  • Garage & Basement Polished and Stained-and-Polished Floor Cleaners
  • Metal coating and Marblized Coated Concrete Cleaners
  • Epoxy and Polyspartic Coated Garage Concrete Floors Cleaners


DO YOU NEED SERVICE? Need a repair? Concrete or terrazzo chipped, spalling or cracked? Dull spots need to be re-polished?
MARBLELIFE has been restoring hard surfaces such as concrete and terrazzo for more than 30-years. Eventually wear will create dull areas on every floor surface, at which point its time for restoration or replacement. The good news: MARBLELIFE can restore concrete and terrazzo to its former beautiful self. With concrete we also provide a variety of AMAZING concrete coatings including our ENDURACHIP, ENDURAGRANULE and MARBLIZED coatings when you are looking to remodel a garage or basement. Check out these links.

For more information on our services visit us at or CALL USA: (844) 368-7216 /Canada: (888) 311-5109 and speak to a representative from your local office.

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