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Granite & Quartz Cleaners should be formulated wax and oil-free, or else they will suffer build-up over time. In which case, a professional service such as which MARBLELIFE offers, is needed to chemically clean and remove these deposits.  MARBLELIFE’s Granite & Quartz cleaners are formulated to be oil and wax-free for these reasons.  Our cleaners remove oil and fatty deposits effectively and quickly to allow your granite’s natural beauty to shine forth.

Be sure to seal your granite every 2 years to avoid potential staining.  Once stained, removal is expensive and is NOT guaranteed, hence the best defense is to maintain your granite’s seal.  Never wash your counters with acidic cleaners such as vinegar, as acids will damage traditional granite sealers and reduce your counter’s stain resistance.  Similarly, acidic spills or food preparation interactions can impact sealers locally.  Reseal periodically to ensure consistent stain resistance protection.

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32oz Spray Bottles / 16oz Bottles Granite Cleaners & Sealers



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Granite Care Products



DO YOU NEED SERVICE?  Granite dull, chipped or cracked?  In desperate need of repair?  MARBLELIFE can restore your granite to its former glory.  For more information on our services visit us at or CALL USA: (844) 368-7216 /Canada: (888) 311-5109 and speak to a representative from your local office

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