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  • Bathroom Care Kits

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      MARBLELIFE BATHROOM Cleaning KITS - Marble

      MARBLELIFE® BATHROOM Cleaning KITS – Marble – (MTC-41150, MAX-41300, SSR-41200, MFT-55225)

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      Bathroom Cleaning becomes easier when you have the right product for each task.  A time saving set for the cleanest bathroom experience.

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      Each Kit Includes:

      • Stone Cleaner (32 ounce)- Selected and formulated for your surface.
      • Soap Scum Remover (16 ounce)- designed to remove soap scum with ease and without scratching your glass, metal, tile or stone surfaces
      • Maxout Grout Cleaner (32 ounce) – to remove built up dirt to see the natural grout color again.  See our video and you’ll literally see the sand crystals in the grout glinting back they are so clean.
      • Microfiber Towel – These high surface area towels can clean effectively themselves as they adsorb oils and streak materials with ease, supercharging and already powerful line-up.


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      MARBLELIFE BATHROOM KITS - Tile & Grout Cleaning

      MARBLELIFE® BATHROOM KITS – Tile & Grout – (TGC-41240, MAX-41300, SSR-41200)

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      Tile and Grout Cleaning Kit

      A time saving set for the cleanest bathroom experience.

      This is the set you have been looking for to save time and get your bathroom cleaner than ever before with no unpleasant smells. All products are eco-friendly, made in the USA, and guaranteed.

      Each kit is customized with the specific cleaner needed for either a Tile Bathroom, such as ceramic and porcelain or a Stone Bathroom, such as marble, travertine, or other natural stone.


      Your Kit Includes:


      • TILE & GROUT CLEANER (32 ounce spray) – Cleans dirt, oil and other debris from your delicate marble and travertine without etching or streaking.  Marble-safe.
      • “MAXOUT” GROUT CLEANER (32 ounce) – Also included is MaxOut, our best grout cleaner for safely getting your grout WOW clean.
      • SOAP & SCUM REMOVER (16 ounce) – Soap Scum Remover is easy to use and very effective without scratching your counter, shower, or tub surfaces including metal, stainless, or glass.
      $32.85 $24.65