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Got stained grout?  Then you likely suffered the use of an acidic tile cleaner in your floors past.  Acidic cleaners may be tile safe but they destroy most grout seals.  Once the seal is removed, grout is free to absorb dirt solubilized during the cleaning process and it’s then deposited into your open grout pores.  This of course encourages the use of more cleaner to attempt to clean it.  Insidious. 

MARBLELIFE cleaners are formulated to be free-of-acids and waxes so as to protect your tile and your grout, while providing industry superior oil and deposit removal.  If you have stained grout, consider our MAXOUT cleaner formulated to float deposits out of small grout pores.  Once cleaned to your satisfaction, be sure to re-seal the grout with MARBLELIFE GROUT SEALER (or call for service).  Once you have the look you seek, maintain with MARBLELIFE TILE & GROUT CLEANER for daily cleaning.


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Gallon Refills / Concentrate



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DO YOU NEED SERVICE?  Grout Stained to the point of frustration?  MARBLELIFE has been restoring tile & grout surfaces for more than 30-years.  Give us a day, and MARBLELIFE ColorSEAL can restore a uniform, new, clean grout appearance GUARANTEED never to stain again (yes – we can).  Want to convert your matte tile to gloss?  MARBLELIFE can re-glaze your tile insitu with our TileLOK services without replacement.  For more information on our services visit us at www.MARBLELIFE.com or CALL USA: (844) 368-7216 /Canada: (888) 311-5109 and speak to a representative from your local office

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