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Keeping Granite Countertops Looking New

Kitchen countertopMany people think Granite is indestructible and can handle just about anything because it’s stone, and therefore “indestructible.” Granite’s primary threat is not due to its make-up, but rather inappropriate care associated with cleaner manufacturer propaganda and marketing.


Consider this… Americans are much more likely to associate “clean” with a “shiny or glossy” surface appearance, than in other countries. Many cleaner manufacturers have capitalized on this observation to attempt to enhance sales by adding waxes to their product. The only problem is that waxes are soft and sticky, they encapsulate dirt and trap dirt. Over time you have to use the same cleaner to re-dissolve and distribute the wax. Note we stated redistribute not remove, for a very good reason. These waxes build up until your surface looks dull. To the untrained this can look like a surface that needs to be repolished when in fact it needs to have the wax removed, effectively cleaned, to allow the natural polished granite to be seen again. In effect, the shine these products impart are about first depositing wax, and then reflowing the disturbed wax into a shiny surface again…which be definition traps the dirt that was on it. What does wax have to do with cleaning? NOTHING. It is entirely present from a marketing position and does nothing to enhance the health of your home or the cleanliness of the surface, but because gloss sells they sell wax cleaners.


At MARBLELIFE we are purists. Perhaps because we use these cleaners day in and day out as we service home owners across the country and seek to deliver WOW results as rapidly as possible, while leaving behind a clean beautiful surface. We don’t want waxes, when we are working on a polished surface second only to diamond in harness. We want an oil, dirt and WAX-free surface. As such MARBLELIFE GRANITE CLEANER focuses on CLEANING by removing the dirt and oils that dull the appearance of your granite. If this cleaner does not deliver a wow result, it means you may need a professional visit to strip away the build-up and restore your counter to its natural condition. It’s rare that granite needs to be polished due to its hardness (whereas marble needs periodic polishing to address damage caused by its acid sensitivity – but that’s another blog).


That said, nothing creates more tears for a granite counter owner than the appearance of a ‘Stain.” Sealing your counter as a preventative measure is your stain-insurance Like all insurance we hate to pay for it until you need it, then its priceless. Similarly here when one considers that stains require a surface to be removed from use for days as poultices are applied and re-applied with no guarantee off success. This can quickly become a case of replacement versus remedy. The worst part of these situations is having to inform someone that if they had continued to seal their granite annually or at worst every other year they could have not just prevented the stain, but more importantly the anguish, frustration, and decision as to whether to replace or attempt the stain removal. From the company that does more stone restoration than anyone in North America we cannot recommend strongly enough that granite counter owner seal their granite (unless they know it has been encapsulated, which has become more common over the past 5 years). MARBLELIFE’s easy to use wipe-on wipe-off spray applied GRANITE SEALER is the fastest route to managing this risk.


MARBLELIFE® has the right cleaner for every hard surface and job. We carry MARBLELIFE Granite & QUARTZ cleaner that is safe and easy to use. It is made especially for Granite and designed to clean without depositing harmful waxes.


MARBLELIFE® carries kits for all of your Granite needs. Shop Now

All of our products are 100% guaranteed. Call today. We have a product for all of your natural stone surfaces, indoors and outdoors. We also have certified natural stone craftsman who can advise you on what products you need. We service natural stone in your home, so give us a call for a free estimate. There is no obligation.


MARBLELIFE®, we’re here when you need us.

Keeping MARBLE Countertops Looking New

Many people think marble is indestructible and can handle just about anything because it’s stone, and therefore “indestructible”.  Believe it or not, marble needs special care to keep it looking shiny, clean, and stain-free. Here’s why!

Many cleaning products are acidic. Acidic products can dull the finish and color of marble, as acids etch or dissolve marble.  Vinegar, glass cleaners fortified with vinegar, and many glass cleaners use acids as part of the cleaning strategy making the unsuitable for marble. They may sound benign, but they can break down the marble surface causing the need for restoration.

Check out this recent restoration.  The before shows what a vinegar cleaned tabletop looks like, while the after shows what it used to look like, and what it looked like after MARBLELIFE’s restoration visit. 

Marble should be cleaned regularly, but with an appropriate non-acidic marble safe cleaner, such as MARBLELIFE® MARBLE & TRAVERTINE CLEANER.  Never use bleach or abrasive scrubbing sponges.

MARBLELIFE® has the right cleaner for every hard surface and job. We carry a marble cleaner that is safe, non-toxic and easy to use. It is made especially for marble so it won’t scratch or dull the surface or its finish. Even dish soap is not recommended.

Even tap water can create a problem is local water sources contain iron (rust stains), hard water or mildly acidic.  Mildly acidic simply means it takes a little longer to dull your table.  Marblelife cleaners are so effective that if we made them with tap water the first thing they would clean is the water itself, literally removing the impurities and separating them from the water.  Just one reason of many that, MARBLELIFE® utilizes purified water.

Want a shiny surface?  So do most American homeowners.  In the US unlike other places we associate clean with a shiny surface.  Unfortunately, many manufacturers have begun adding waxes to their products in order to capitalize on this association.  Waxes trap dirts and being soft actually attract dirt to the surface.  MARBLELIFE goes another way, our cleaners are formulated to remove oils and other surface impurities which allow dirt to stick to surfaces for a truly clean safe and marble friendly surface.

Stick with Marblelife® Marble & Travertine cleaner and you won’t go wrong.

Stains? Its easier to prevent a stain than remove one.  Once these pesky colorful chemicals soak into your stone, cleaning them out is like trying to clean a test tube with a sponge…its tough to reach the bottom.  While our cleaner does an exceptional job penetrating pores and floating debris out to the surface, the best answer to stains is simply not to get them.  This means sealing your stone surfaces periodically to fill in those pores before they trap frustrating color.  MARBLELIFE’s simple wipe-on wipe-off STONE SEALER should be applied every other year.  A little TLC will save a ton of tears associated with the cost to remove a stain, as this will mean taking your surface out of service for several days while it is poultice repeatedly to draw out the stain, and then without assurances of success.  Better to spend a few minutes and seal your counters periodically.

Marblelife® carries kits for all of your marble needs. Shop now 


All of our products are 100% guaranteed. Call Marblelife® today.  We have a product for all of your natural stone surfaces, indoors and outdoors. We also have certified natural stone craftsman who can advise you on what products you need. We service natural stone in your home, so give us a call for a free estimate. There is no obligation.

 Marblelife®, we’re here when you need us.


Natural Stone Care Made Easy

Stone surfaces are in high demand these days not just for their durability, but for their beauty as well.  With such unique and beautiful counter tops, floors, and outdoor surfaces, it’s essential to use cleaners made especially for those surfaces.  Grocery store cleaning products seem inexpensive, but they are mostly acidic and can cause damage to your natural stone surfaces.  Tile and grout needs special care as well.


If you have chosen marble, granite, or travertine for your home or business, acidic cleaners can cause a variety of problems for the stone and the tile and grout.  Did you know that acid is used to remove excess grout from brick and tile? So, why use an acidic cleaner when it actually is damaging your surface?


Acidic cleaners also cause dullness because the acids dissolve calcium carbonate which is the chemical the grout is made of. Acids also cause fading of color and brightness to the surfaces. The only solution is using an acid-free cleaner, and MARBLELIFE® cleaners are all acid free. We take great care to make safe, non-toxic cleaners that enhance your natural stone surfaces. Our cleaners will bring your stone back to life. Our products are also affordable.


Our products were developed over many years by experts in stone care. A lot of research goes into each product. We use safe solvents and surfactants that clean, degrease, and shine. Our products are used in commercial buildings, hotels, and other businesses as well as in residences.  Once you discover the effectiveness of our products, you’ll never use a store-bought product again.


Remember, MARBLELIFE® doesn’t just sell you the products. We are here for you long after the sale to keep your natural stone surfaces looking brand new.  You have our guarantee!

Keeping Wood And Imitation Wood Shiny And Dust-Free

MARBLELIFE® has a product to clean every surface. Whether it’s wood, stainless steel, marble, terrazzo, travertine, etc., you name it. MARBLELIFE® has a cleaner.


Our certified, trained stone craftsman will clean your many surfaces, so we make sure they do it right. Our reputation depends on their expertise.


Do you have wood flooring and you’re not sure how to care for it? Do you wonder if water should not be used, but only wax or polish? Our trained technicians can help.


MARBLELIFE® craftsmen are known for their superior cleaning abilities and their knowledge of all household surfaces. But they also know how to care for wood flooring, cabinets, and furniture.


Wood brings many things to mind. There is solid natural wood, engineered wood, laminate, and imitation wood. Imitation wood is 100% man-made. It is a material made to look like wood and to have the texture of wood. Wood veneer is used on the surface that is made of vinyl, paper or plastic. It can look exactly like wood.


Engineered wood is made of several layers of wood similar to plywood. The top layer is usually a quality finished wood veneer.


Laminate is a synthetic material. It looks like wood and is glued to fiber board.


Last but not least, solid wood is one piece of real wood cut to size.


All of these woods have a top-coat finish that is glossy, semi-gloss, satin or matte finish. Only the top coat is cleaned, polished, waxed, or buffed. Using oil soaps, waxes, and other cleaners can dull over time. Dust and dirt are trapped causing the dullness. MARBLELIFE® has a cleaner that will eliminate the dull coating from these surfaces and eliminate dust and debris for a longer lasting clean. Try MARBLELIFE’s Wood and Laminate Cleaner today!

MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner

MARBLELIFE Marble & travertine cleanerMost big-box stores carry cleaners for just about everything. But, do you want to pick and choose a cleaner that’s not right for your surface?  Do you dislike having numerous cleaners taking up space under the kitchen sink? Sometimes a cleaner is used once and then just sits there.  It’s always hard to choose which product is right for you, and MARBLELIFE® has the solution for all of the many surfaces in your home.


Many  MARBLELIFE® cleaners can be used for multiple surfaces. One such product is MARBLELIFE® InterCare Cleaner. It is acid-free and won’t cause damage to any surface you use it on. It won’t discolor, scratch or harm the surfaces you use it on.  It easily removes oils and other residues from surfaces. It doesn’t just make the surface “appear” clean. It makes the surface squeaky clean, shiny, and sanitary.   Grease and oil buildup along with germs and other types of unhealthy, unseen build up are no match for MARBLELIFE® InterCare.  Unsightly smears, smudges, and debris will be wisked away, and InterCare does not leave a film like many acidic cleaners do.


If you have an outdoor stainless steel surface, InterCare will remove even the toughest surface debris caused by rain, sea salt, humidity, and even salt residue used for snow removal disappears.  It makes stainless steel sparkle and look like new again.


MARBLELIFE® InterCare cleaner is a multi-use cleaner. You can use it on your natural stone surfaces and on stainless steel.  It is safe to be used around children and pets, and it will not harm other surfaces.  You can even use it on wood surfaces.


If you’re looking for an all-around safe cleaner for everything in your home, you can trust MARBLELIFE® InterCare cleaner to get the job done. We guarantee it!

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel

Cleaning all of the diverse surfaces in your home properly can be confusing and time consuming. However, when you have products that can get the job done and be used for more than one purpose, you’ll likely save time, money, and a ton of stress. With MARBLELIFE stone care products, you can clean your beautiful stone surfaces and even clean other surfaces such as wood, furniture, and even stainless steel.


Cleaning Your Stainless Is Painless With MARBLELIFE 

If you’re already a subscriber to MARBLELIFE cleaning products, then you’ll be happy to find out that you can use our InterCare cleaner to clean your stainless steel surfaces. InterCare cleaner is already acid-free, which would prevent any damages or discoloring, plus InterCare is made to actually clean surface oils and residues—not just make it look clean. This is the type of cleaner you want for oil, grease, and germ build-up rather than a generic, acidic cleaner that leaves a film of surface oil.


If you happen to have outdoor stainless steel surfaces, this product still is able to get the job done. MARBLELIFE’s InterCare cleaner has tackled the hardest jobs on rusted metal as a result of rain, humidity, sea salt, and snow salt exposure.


Streak-Free Shines With MARBLELIFE

One concern with stainless steel is that there are streaks left after the cleaning process. You can eliminate any of these for a perfect shine with MARBLELIFE’s Soap Scum Remover to remove stains and streaks. This product is engineered with an abrasive designed to be softer than the metal but harder than the residue creating the streak. The result is it powers through the streak and breaks down on contact with the metal selectively removing the streak and leaving behind a pristine clean surface.


Clean With The Experts 

You might think that these cleaning tips are a tad bias, however we’re just extremely confident in our product. That’s a result of our decades of experience and field research. We’ve learned much of what we can about stone surfaces and along the way decided we would make life easier for you by making our products safe and effective for bathroom, kitchen, and other surfaces.


You can find out more about how the MARBLELIFE products you have already stocked in your home can be repurposed for other cleaning jobs at our Homeowner University! And if you don’t have any of these products and want to see them in action, you can also look there.


All of our products are easy to use and effective! So don’t settle for less and choose MARBLELIFE today for your surface maintenance needs.

MARBLELIFE Can Clean More Than Stone?

MARBLELIFE craftsmen and products are known for their superior cleaning abilities when it comes to natural stone. But, did you know that MARBLELIFE also has some great tricks for wood flooring, cabinets, and furniture care? We’re going to let you in on those secrets, now!


Different Types Of Wood

The term “wood” is an all encompassing term that refers to materials such as solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, and imitation wood.


  • Solid wood is one piece of real wood cut to size.
  • Engineered wood consists of several layers of wood like in plywood with the top layer being the quality finished wood.
  • Laminate is a synthetic material that looks like wood glued on top of a fiber board type of material.
  • Imitation would be a completely man made material made to resemble the look and possibly texture of wood. The wood veneer surface is often a printed vinyl, paper or plastic.


In each case, however the vast majority of these materials have a top coat finish on them that provides the gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matte finish we have selected or prefer in our piece. These surface treatments are what we are actually interacting with when we are cleaning.


The Problem With Common Cleaning Methods

The use of polishes and oil soaps only leave a residue on the surface of the synthetic coating. In turn, they are applying an oil. Oils may provide a glossy appearance initially, but their very nature is such that they also attract dirt which sticks to this moist sticky surface. The oils also tend to evaporate over time, which is why you find yourself constantly having to re-apply.


Thus, the act of applying these ineffective materials has us removing trapped surface dust, but later re-apply the dust trap once again. An effective cleaner will eliminate the surface oils from these surfaces, halting the trapping of dust and debris for a longer lasting clean.


The Alternative You Need

If you have MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner, then you can use this product to help you remove surface oils as it doesn’t leave residues behind. Or you can get a hold of the cleaner made specifically for optimal cleaning of your wood surfaces, MARBLELIFE’s Wood & Laminate Cleaner. This cleaner makes wood easy to clean and leaves gloss that’s non-damaging for a beautiful shine. Its purpose is to remove oil, grease and dirt, without depositing any artificial waxes, for a true, healthy clean.


With the right cleaners, you’ll find that you’re cleaning less and actually improving your wood surfaces, rather than witnessing a “fake clean” that unfortunately makes the situation worse. Simply turn to MARBLELIFE for all of your surface needs! Our team of professionals can personally help you improve your residential or commercial surfaces or we can provide you with the proper materials to do it yourself.


Visit MARBLELIFE products for the full line of cleaners that truly get the job done!

The Problem With Acid Cleaners

You might be using acidic cleaners to disinfect your stone surfaces, because it seems to be a hard clean that necessitates chemical power. However, if you’ve kept up with MARBLELIFE stone care tips, then you’ve repeatedly heard that acidic cleaners should not be used to maintain your stone surfaces. If you hadn’t already known this fact, then we’re going to break down exactly how acidic cleaners are your worst enemy when it comes to stone conservation.


The Big Issue

If you have stone surfaces, such as marble, granite, or travertine, acid can cause a variety of problems. This is especially true if you have tile and grout. Despite the type of natural stone, acidic cleaners can:


  1. Attack many sealers used to seal the grout. Acids shift the pH to the point that the sealer will start the process of breaking down.
  2. Acids can leach out the dyes used to color the grout. In fact, often when you notice a clean lightening it is due to loss of color, not lack of dirt.
  3. Acids are used to clean excess grout from the top of brick and tile. If masonry acids are used in this matter, than the use of acids can indeed damage the grout.
  4. If you are talking about grout around a marble, travertine or terrazzo floor then the very act of cleaning will dull your floor, as acids dissolve calcium carbonate, the very chemical from which these materials are made.


Today’s Alternatives

So you’re probably concerned and thinking, “What am I going to do now?” It seems that every cleaner solution has some percentage of acid presence. But, that’s actually not true. The experts at MARBLELIFE have developed a whole line of cleaners that are acid-free, easy to use, and affordable!


These products were developed by the experts in stone care with years of research and field experience. The line of cleaners is based on safe solvents and surfactants that effectively clean, degrease, and shine. These are the same products that the experts use when they make a commercial or residential call!


No longer bring your stone to its own death with generic acidic cleaners, or bleach and vinegar concoctions. The line was made in mind for you to become the expert in stone care. Plus, we provide plenty of tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you get the most out of our products.


So, if you’ve been working with acidic cleaners and wish to reverse that damage, try investing in MARBLELIFE products. You won’t regret it!

How And Why You Should Seal Your Granite Counters

Granite countertops can add some major beauty points to any home. That’s why you want to ensure you’re taking good care of these surfaces to help them reach their utmost potential. You’re probably cleaning and disinfecting your granite, but are you taking further steps to protect the color, clean, and shine? Maybe yes, maybe no. Whether or not you are taking these steps, you can benefit from learning about the granite sealing process and how it can help your granite surfaces.


Cleaning Precautions  

One thing all people who take care of granite should know is that acidic cleaners are your worst enemy. If you’re already cleaning/disinfecting your surface with acidic cleaners, then before making any moves, switch to a non-acidic substitute. Sealing your granite won’t help any if you’re going to use a counterproductive cleaner. Moreover, you want to look for a cleaner that travels into the pores of the granite and will lift out the oils trapped inside without leaving a residue. We suggest MARBLELIFE’s Granite & Quartz Cleaner.


Why Seal Your Granite? 

Sealing your granite is an essential part of the granite maintenance process. Just like with any stone surface, there are small pores in which bacteria, liquids, and dirt can seep into, damaging your surface slowly from the inside. Sealing your countertops will help keep those foreign materials out. Your granite will be far less susceptible to bacteria or stains from red wine, coffee, juice, etc.


If your granite is more porous or light in color, it’s imperative that you make sure the surface is sealed soon as possible, as the stains can be very hard to extract without professional help.


How To Seal Your Granite 

Unless you’re 100 percent sure that the granite has been sealed properly within the last year, you should seal your granite. It’s not expensive, it’s easy, and it could save you from a much more time consuming and expensive issue if an unexpected liquid drop occurs.


Apply a granite sealer at least once a year or twice for areas that receive a lot of traction. No matter how quality your sealer may be, the coating is bound to slowly deteriorate as your cleaner emulsifies and disinfects.


Sealing your granite should be simple and straightforward. Don’t purchase anything too complicated. MARBLELIFE products are made by the professionals who are experts in stone care and we provide a simple micro-mist spray that makes for a quick and effective seal. With MARBLELIFE’s Granite Sealer, just spray the counter evenly, then allow to sit for a few minutes. Before the sealer dries, buff off the excess and you’re done!



To summarize, be sure to take effective care of your granite countertops with acid-free products. Any stone surface needs proper maintenance to be sure they stay beautiful and compliment your home. Furthermore, for the counters to remain in their best condition, seal them and help them fight off foreign elements.


MARBLELIFE’s team of experts can also help you if you have any further questions or need assistance with projects big and small.

How To Clean & Seal Your Grout

Do you have tile floors or countertops? If so, then you know how they can really bring out the look in your home or can do the opposite. The grout between your tiles collects dirt and can stain, deteriorating your surface look overall. There are multiple methods that people employ to upkeep these surfaces, but only one is the best option and backed by the professionals.


Get The Right Cleaner

The right materials often determine the success of the job. The same concept applies for your tile and grout! Many will use a generic tile and grout cleaner that has acidic components. Acid can damage the color and durability of your grout, plus they don’t do a very great job. So, first you want to get your hands on a quality cleaner.


We suggest MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Cleaner and MaxOut Grout Cleaner. They both are acid-free, easy to use, and have shown consistent success over time.


Clean Your Grout 

Cleaning your grout is simple as long as you have the right materials. With MaxOut cleaner, all you have to do is apply the cleaner to the grout and brush with a hard bristle (toothbrush, wallpaper brush, long handle floor brush). As you brush the suds will get dirtier, that means it’s doing its job by getting the dirt out!


Once you’ve brushed a good amount of dirt out, wipe away the remaining suds with a clean towel. After wiping away the remains, spray Tile & Grout Cleaner to remove any remaining MaxOut.


Pro tip: for large areas, apply MaxOut and use the edge of a long handle floor brush. You won’t have to be on your knees and it’s faster. You shouldn’t push hard, since you just want the tips of the bristles. After, mop off the suds and apply Tile & Grout Cleaner.



Sealing Your Grout

If you want to seal your grout so that the pores are more closed and less prone to staining and hoarding dirt, then first clean your grout as previously directed. Afterwards, spray Tile & Grout cleaner in the grout a second time and brush. Your pores will be nice and open, prepped for the sealing.


If you use MARBLELIFE’s Grout Sealer, all you’ll have to do is apply and let it soak for a couple minutes. Then, simply wipe off any sealer that has made it’s way onto the tile. That’s it! The sealer should have soaked into the grout pores and will leave you with cleaner surfaces for a longer time period.

If you want to clean and seal your grout properly, make sure you employ this method. It’s the easiest and most successful technique that you can apply. MARBLELIFE’s professionals have years of experience and research, so they want you to be able to enjoy a superior clean at an affordable price.


Visit MARBLELIFE’s product website for more information on how our cleaners can help you take care of all your surfaces.

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