MARBLELIFE Wood & Laminate Wood Cleaner – 32 oz SPRAY


Wood Floor Cleaner – 32 Ounce – Ready-to-Use
Cleans without damaging, or depositing wax for a TRUE CLEAN

Do you suffer from cleaner frustration?
Have you tried multiple cleaners that haven't solved your problem?


MARBLELIFE Wood & Laminate Wood Cleaner are formulated for easy cleaning of dirt, oils and greases from your wood floor surfaces, without depositing misguided waxes. MARBLELIFE wood cleaners are designed to keep wood cleaning from becoming a problem. Eliminate the waxes and we reduce waxes tendency to capture dirt, to scuff and to create haze over time. This isnt a vinyl floor that needs to be waxed, but a beautifully accented floor or cabinet.

Cleaning begins with understanding:

Wood and laminate wood floors are one of the fastest growing floor choices, and why not? They provide a beautiful easily maintained (if done properly) surface without the indoor air polluting chemicals released by today’s carpet and carpet underlayment. Like stone, wood and laminate wood provides a healthier alternative to carpet and carpet underlayment, particularly for individuals suffering from breathing ailments.

Most installed and new wood and laminate wood surfaces being installed today come pre-treated, or will be finished with, a protective urethane coating. This coating is harder and more durable than natural wood, and is easier to maintain than natural raw wood. In effect, we are cleaning a urethane surface. Unless you are living in a turn of the century or older home, you are likely not having to actually touch or manage real wood. This makes a difference a significant difference in the type of cleaners one selects, and how cleaners are optimized for best performance. Walking and kitchen surfaces tend to see more skin oils and cooking greases which serve to mar a clean appearance directly, but also indirectly as the glue to adhere non-sticky dirt, skin and dust debris. Marblelife’s Wood & Laminate Cleaner is formulated to lift and emulsify dirts so that they can be carried away easily whether by damp cloth or mop.

Dirty or Damaged? It makes a difference…

A hazy worn surface may appear dirty, but is in fact damaged. This is a subtle but important difference. Many wood cleaners incorporate microwaxes designed to fill in minor scratches in order to provide a glossy wet appearance that is mistaken as a clean floor. The problem is that such waxes are not “smart,” they fill in scratches but also leave a soft wax coating over the entire floor. In effect, these are more waxes than cleaners. These waxes are not smart enough to lift dirt up before settling, so they simply encapsulate the dirt, while laying down a softer-then-wood surface into which dirt will be pressed and trapped. The sad reality is that they are formulated to make the user feel good about the initial gloss, but lay a trap, that requires the user to re-use the product frequently in order to re-gain that shiny freshly waxed appearance. This is akin to the planned obsolescence of the 1970 automobile, as they are selling gloss not clean, and banking on the public not recognizing the difference.

So if, one wants gloss AND and easy to clean-healthy floor, what should one be doing? If a true cleaner does not provide the sheen you are seeking or used to have, your floor is likely worn or wear-damaged. Don’t worry, this will normally happen to every floor that you walk on, unless you are taking off your shoes, and wiping feet before using it (and who is really doing that). Floors are made for walking, but they will wear over time. The good news is the solution is straight forward and simply. A fresh urethane coating can be applied to a cleaned floor to properly fill in micro-scratches with a durable hard coat to restore the gloss appearance you seek. Once this is done, then one is back to simply cleaning the floor. You will find you need to do it less frequently, and that dusting addresses much of what is needed.

When you do need to clean your surface MARBLELIFE’s Wood & Laminate Cleaner serves to remove oil, grease and dirt, without depositing any artificial waxes, for a true, healthy clean. Our goal is to help make maintaining your home as simple and easy as possible. Wax-free cleaning is a big step in that direction.

Below are listed some benefits of this product:

100% Guaranteed by Marblelife the Leader in Hard Surface Care and Cleaning
Marblelife is the world’s leader in care and understanding of how to care for hard surfaces, by they stone, tile, wood, concrete or vinyl. We place our over 25 years of experience behind the products we use and place our name on.

Marblelife is proud to offer a complete 100% satisfaction Guarantee.
Plus, if you are not happy with your Marblelife Care Product for any reason, you may contact us for a full refund.
Plus were available, we can send a Marblelife Service Professional to your home or business to help you assess and develop a solution to resolve the problem.

Safer For You, Safe for your Wood – Wax-free
Many products today that claim to be safe for use on wood and laminate wood surfaces, but unintentionally create your next problem by depositing waxes that will ultimately build up and need to be professionally removed once the build up begins to haze over. If this is what you are already seeing, not to worry. Give MARBELIFE a call, and one of our trained craftsman can professionally strip the wax, without damaging your wood’s protective finish. If the finish is worn, they can also apply a new protective coat to restore a uniform finish whether matte or gloss, without the aid of a soft scuffable wax filler.

Healthier for You & Your Family
Many common cleaning products on the market today have unhealthy chemical fumes that are not safe for you, your pets and children. Marblelife’s Wood & Laminate Cleaner is free of chemical smells and odors.

Most importantly, most cleaners do not remove the oils and grease trapped within the pores and grain of your wood surface. This allows oils and grease to become rancid and to breed bacteria. MARBLELIFE cleaners are designed to break water’s natural water tension allowing it to penetrate pores and grains to lift out oils for a cleaner, healthier surface.

Faster & Easier Cleaning
MARBLELIFE’s Wood and Laminate Cleaner has been formulated to provide a professional, quick, effective job of removing oils, grease, adhesives, dirt and debris without causing damage to the surface or the user. This makes for an extremely pleasant experience for the residential or commercial user. If you do not see the desired results, call us, this generally means a wax surface has already been deposited that needs to be professional removed.

The Proper Care of & Cleaning Wood & Laminate Wood Surfaces

Step 1 “Dusting Wood” – The primary enemy of any floor is the abrasive impact associated with dust, sand, hair and other loose debris. These materials are not naturally abrasive until they are ground underfoot, or even worse under high-heel. High heels can generate as much as 300 lbs per square inch or pressure. These elegant shoes can turn a petite woman into a grinding machine particularly when one pivots. Maintaining a dust-free surface will not only extend the life of your floor, but greatly reduce potential for slip-and-floors. The good news, is that as important as this is, it is just as simple. A microfiber towel under a broom is sufficient to capture most material. You will be amazed how dark and dirty that dry cloth can become.

Step 2 “Cleaning Wood – Cleaning is the second important step in caring for Wood and Laminate Wood Surfaces. Making sure to use a wood cleaner that is wood-safe, non-abrasive and formulated to remove the oils from an irregular surface. Additionally, your cleaner should not leave a wax or residue. Marblelife’s cleaner is not the only product that meets these criteria, but it is the best we have experienced and what we use. Contrary to popular belief, a damp towel is better than a wet mop or towel. Remember we are seeking to “lift” the dirt off the floor on our paper towel or damp mop. A wet surface simply pushes the dirt around to redeposit on drying, where as a damp surface is akin to lifting the page of a book with a damp finger tip.

Step 3 “Sealing Wood” – Unlike grout, concrete or natural stone, today’s wood and laminated wood surfaces generally come pre-sealed, and as such, unless you are restoring an old home, sealing should not be necessary.

Step 3 “Repairing Wood” – If you are looking a scratch and it’s the same color as your wood or simply in the gloss finish, you may have to have the surface resealed. However, if your scratch has penetrated the wood, and is a different and generally lighter color you will be looking at either camouflaging the scratch by coloring it to the wood before resealing, or in cases where there is greater damage regrinding and polishing the wood surface. This can be costly, time consuming and expensive. As such, every effort is made to avoid this step if and all possible. The good news is that in most cases, wear is confined to your top coat and can be quickly and easily addressed.

For More Assistance

If you have questions about how to best care for your wood, would like help in choosing the right products or would like assistance solving a problem, please contact us. We enjoy assisting you and have over 25 years compiled a wealth of knowledge that we are eager to share with you. You can email us at or call us toll free at 1-866-653-9737.

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Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 4.75 × 2.875 × 11 in

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