Keeping Granite Countertops Looking New

Keeping Granite Countertops Looking New

Kitchen countertopMany people think Granite is indestructible and can handle just about anything because it’s stone, and therefore “indestructible.” Granite’s primary threat is not due to its make-up, but rather inappropriate care associated with cleaner manufacturer propaganda and marketing.


Consider this… Americans are much more likely to associate “clean” with a “shiny or glossy” surface appearance, than in other countries. Many cleaner manufacturers have capitalized on this observation to attempt to enhance sales by adding waxes to their product. The only problem is that waxes are soft and sticky, they encapsulate dirt and trap dirt. Over time you have to use the same cleaner to re-dissolve and distribute the wax. Note we stated redistribute not remove, for a very good reason. These waxes build up until your surface looks dull. To the untrained this can look like a surface that needs to be repolished when in fact it needs to have the wax removed, effectively cleaned, to allow the natural polished granite to be seen again. In effect, the shine these products impart are about first depositing wax, and then reflowing the disturbed wax into a shiny surface again…which be definition traps the dirt that was on it. What does wax have to do with cleaning? NOTHING. It is entirely present from a marketing position and does nothing to enhance the health of your home or the cleanliness of the surface, but because gloss sells they sell wax cleaners.


At MARBLELIFE we are purists. Perhaps because we use these cleaners day in and day out as we service home owners across the country and seek to deliver WOW results as rapidly as possible, while leaving behind a clean beautiful surface. We don’t want waxes, when we are working on a polished surface second only to diamond in harness. We want an oil, dirt and WAX-free surface. As such MARBLELIFE GRANITE CLEANER focuses on CLEANING by removing the dirt and oils that dull the appearance of your granite. If this cleaner does not deliver a wow result, it means you may need a professional visit to strip away the build-up and restore your counter to its natural condition. It’s rare that granite needs to be polished due to its hardness (whereas marble needs periodic polishing to address damage caused by its acid sensitivity – but that’s another blog).


That said, nothing creates more tears for a granite counter owner than the appearance of a ‘Stain.” Sealing your counter as a preventative measure is your stain-insurance Like all insurance we hate to pay for it until you need it, then its priceless. Similarly here when one considers that stains require a surface to be removed from use for days as poultices are applied and re-applied with no guarantee off success. This can quickly become a case of replacement versus remedy. The worst part of these situations is having to inform someone that if they had continued to seal their granite annually or at worst every other year they could have not just prevented the stain, but more importantly the anguish, frustration, and decision as to whether to replace or attempt the stain removal. From the company that does more stone restoration than anyone in North America we cannot recommend strongly enough that granite counter owner seal their granite (unless they know it has been encapsulated, which has become more common over the past 5 years). MARBLELIFE’s easy to use wipe-on wipe-off spray applied GRANITE SEALER is the fastest route to managing this risk.


MARBLELIFE® has the right cleaner for every hard surface and job. We carry MARBLELIFE Granite & QUARTZ cleaner that is safe and easy to use. It is made especially for Granite and designed to clean without depositing harmful waxes.


MARBLELIFE® carries kits for all of your Granite needs. Shop Now

All of our products are 100% guaranteed. Call today. We have a product for all of your natural stone surfaces, indoors and outdoors. We also have certified natural stone craftsman who can advise you on what products you need. We service natural stone in your home, so give us a call for a free estimate. There is no obligation.


MARBLELIFE®, we’re here when you need us.

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