Floor Care

All floor cleaners are NOT alike.  MARBLELIFE is the only company whose cleaners were expressly formulated to address problems in the field resulting in additional service calls.  MARBLELIFE cleaners are formulated to cut through oil, debris, and other contaminants quickly and efficiently allowing for quick removal from floor to bucket.  Once in the bucket MARBLELIFE cleaners settle out dirt to keep your water cleaner longer. So effective, you could separate water from dirt when pouring it out.  MARBLELIFE cleaners are formulated to include NO WAXES, OILS or ACIDS, as each of these contribute to expensive service calls down the road.  

SO SAFE, we GUARANTEE that MARBLELIFE is maintaining your floors and you are using a MARBLELIFE cleaner you will NEVER need to restore your floors again.  

MARBLELIFE has high traffic hotels who have used MARBLELIFE maintenance and products for over 15 years without need for another restoration.



If you are struggling to restore a “CLEAN” appearance be advised, floor damage often masquerades as “dirty,” but no amount of cleaning can remove damage.  Damage needs to be restored.  

This can include a failed seal (most common with grout staining), chips, cracks, dull worn areas, spill marks, rings and etches.  MARBLELIFE has been restoring floors for more than 30 years, in fact we developed our care line to address common cleaning errors we were being called out to restore.  

Over 20% of our restoration work is required due to the use of an inappropriate cleaner.  

HINT:  If your cleaner claims to do anything beyond cleaning it is likely you will need to call us in the future (Clean & Polish, Clean & Seal, Clean&Scented).  If you have not sealed your granite, stone floor in 2 years your floors could be at risk of staining. If your grout lines are stained or dirty, your grout seal has likely been removed.  MARBLELIFE ColorSEAL can restore your seal, eliminate chance of re-occurrence, and restore “CLEANABILITYSM” to your floor.  

Estimates are always free.  CALL MARBLELIFE to discuss your cleaning frustration.  You may learn something that will change how you care for your floors forever…plus allow you to restore CLEANABILITY once again.

MARBLELIFE sanitizes our work area before we begin and as we are finishing.

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