WAR-ON-COVID – Clean it Forward™

Help defeat COVID-19 by Cleaning-It-Forward.  Instead of using a paper towel to shield contact from shared surface such as gas pumps, ATM touch pads and Grocery Card handles, how about we spray it down with a quick acting cleaner and wipe the surface down.  Protects us, removes contamination, and products the next person.  Let’s remove COVID19 from our lives. 

Secure a 4 oz refillable bottle for each family member – and lets enter the fight.

Covid-19 is easy to defeat, but potentially difficult to shake.  It is simply a strand of protein DNA wrapped in a glob of fat.  That fat can be dissolved quickly with an oil emulsifying cleaner.  A quick spray and wipe and we can transfer the material on the surface to your paper towel which can then be disposed of in the nearest trash.  Only use 1-side of the paper towel so as to avoid touching the side used to wipe the shared surface.  The multi-touch shared surface safety has been enhanced for us and our neighbor next in line to use it.  

Secure a bottle for each family member.


Be sure to wash your hands after any interactions with multi-use shared surfaces such as doorknobs, gas pumps, ATM touch pads, or credit card swiper machines.  Live a touchless life where possible, but spray-and-wipe to help win the war.


BE ADVISED – Disinfectants are different from cleaners as they require TIME to work.  Disinfectants seek to access and deactivate the protein which requires at least 1 minute of residence time to accomplish.  DO NOT SPRAY AND WIPE disinfectants without allowing them to sit for a minimum of 1 minute and preferably 3 minutes.  Spray-and-Wipe applies to cleaners only which seek to remove material from surface by attacking the oils to which it sticks to the surface.


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