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  • Veteran’s Memorial Wall


    Marblelife Honors Our Veterans!

    This Veterans Day, Marblelife Distribution employees will be donating their time to clean the headstones of our forgotten Veterans who may not have family left to care for them.  Marblelife believes that it’s important that all veterans know how much gratitude we have for the sacrifice they have made for us and that they will never be forgotten.

    Please join with Marblelife in cleaning a headstone of an American Veteran that looks like it may have been forgotten.  This is a simple task with a huge meaning.  Marblelife Distribution is honored to supply the products for this great act of respect for our American Veterans.  Email to Marblelife at VeteransWall@marblelife.com a photo of the headstone/s you cleaned and Marblelife Distribution will send you a coupon for a free bottle of Marblelife Marble or Granite Cleaner.

    Along with the photo of the headstone include the name, rank and city of their resting place and we will honor them on our Veterans Memorial Wall at www.MarblelifeProducts.com/Veterans.

    We are free to praise and complain because they sacrificed.
    God Bless America


    Veterans Memorial Wall

    Unknown Soldier          Rank Unknown          Lake Mary Memorial Cemetery          Cared for by:  Marblelife Distribution Staff



    Clause Sjoblom          PVT. 165 INF. 42 DIV.     Lake Mary Memorial Cemetery     Cared for by:  Marblelife Distribution Staff