5 Ways That You Could Be Cleaning More Efficiently

5 Ways That You Could Be Cleaning More Efficiently

Women cleaning the floor It seems like the cleaning never stops when it comes to your home. The moment you finish, it’s as if dirt and germs know and pile up, leaving you cleaning constantly. But how much you clean and how much time you spend on cleaning, might not directly correlate with how clean your home is. There are a few ways that you could make sure you employ the “quality versus quantity” method and avoid cleaning so much to maximize your time.


Sanitize Your Sponges 

You might have a couple of sponges lying around the house for all your cleaning needs. But, have you ever wondered how clean they actually are? Doesn’t it just seem like they’re harboring all the germs that you removed from your surfaces? Well, you can ensure they’re sanitized and ready to go for the next cleaning job. Quickly throw your sponges in the microwaves for a couple minutes and the bacteria will deteriorate away. No more throwing away sponges at half their lifespan.


Clean Those Toys

If your kids have a ton of toys lying around the house, it can certainly be an intimidating job to clean each individual item. But you want to make sure they’re healthy and not exposed to germs! What are you going to do? The answer is simple: use a laundry bag. You can clean much more than clothes in your washer. Put the toys in a laundry bag, add some detergent, and you’re ready to go! You might also try this concept with the dishwasher!


Attack Pet Hair 

If you have a pet that sheds on your carpet, then you can use this easy method to get that annoying hair off your clean carpet. If you have a squeegee lying around, you can use it to quickly collect dirty hair. It’s amazingly simple.


Use damp rubber gloves to remove pet hair from furniture! It’ll act like a super magnet.


Work Room By Room

When we clean we can often get sidetracked by the size of the job. We’re in one room and then suddenly we find ourselves in another tending to a separate job. In order to have the best outcome and an overall cleaner household, work room to room. This way you are organized and thoroughly clean. You’ll avoid having to constantly clean if you do a great job the first time!


Clean Your Tiles With MARBLELIFE

MARBLELIFE cleaners will ensure that your stone floors or surfaces are actually clean. That means that there are no stains, scratches, leftover bacteria, or discoloring. However, there will be plenty of shine, sanitization, and beauty! MARBLELIFE products are easy to use, minimize your time, and keep your surfaces clean, durable, and lovely for much longer.


Check out MARBLELIFE’s complete line of products that are great for your home and time management.


Use these tips for a better cleaning experience! Good luck with your cleaning journey!

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