Are You Actually Disinfecting Or Just Cleaning?

Are You Actually Disinfecting Or Just Cleaning?

We’ve all been there. We’ve questioned whether or not we’re actually killing the present germs or rather we’re just making the area look nice. Well, no longer will this be a problem, because this article will help you recognize the difference between disinfecting and simply cleaning.

What’s The Key Difference?

Although cleaning and disinfecting are often used synonymously, they mean two different things. Disinfecting means actually killing the bacteria and viruses on a surface. Cleaning only removes the visible foreign matter on the surface. It is possible to only clean and not disinfect and vice versa.

Cleaning But Not Disinfecting

Let’s start with an example. Say someone sneezes on the counter and wipes it up with a cloth. Most likely, the bacteria are still present on the counter. But it looks fine, right? You’re won’t walk by and be afraid to touch the counter because you can’t see any visible bacterial elements.

Disinfecting But Not Cleaning

At first this doesn’t seem quite possible, however, the possibility is still present. For instance, say you just finished disinfecting your counter and then someone walks in from outside and gets sand all over it. Sand is not a living organism that brings in harmful bacteria; nevertheless your counter doesn’t look clean.

So What Do You Do?

Well if you’re trying to disinfect, perhaps after you’ve cooked in your kitchen, you may reach for bleach or other acid cleaner. But now you’ve traded one hazard for another as acid cleaners can cause skin and eye irritation. The easiest alternative is to turn to Marblelife.

Marblelife is the largest national stone care company that professionally services residential and commercial homes to clean, repair, and restore beautiful stone. But they also have acid-free professional products that can be used by everyday individuals.

The Process To Maintain A Truly Clean Surface

  1. Seal– Make sure that your surface has minimal chance for bacteria to seep into the pores and make it ridiculously difficult for disinfecting. You can do this yourself with Marblelife’s Stone Sealer.
  2. Disinfect and Clean- Now that you’re pretty confident that the problem is above the surface, get ready to clean and disinfect. Clean your surface as usual. Then you can use Marblelife’s Marble & Travertine InterCare Cleaner to disinfect easily without worrying about acidic elements.
  3. Reseal- Although it would be most ideal if sealing was a one-time thing, over time UV and natural acids will eat away at the seal. So plan on sealing every few years to maintain the true sterilized surface.

Keeping your surfaces clean and disinfected is crucial for more than simple aesthetic. It’s also very important for maintaining your health. So be sure to familiarize yourself with the key differences and look into Marblelife products! Making an extremely small investment for you and your family’s wellbeing could be the best choice you ever make.

Get to disinfecting and clean with Marblelife products today. Visit the product website here.

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