What You Can Do With Just One Affordable Cleaning Product

What You Can Do With Just One Affordable Cleaning Product

You’ve probably wished that a universal cleaner existed so that you could empty out your cabinets and have a reliable go-to product for every possible situation. Well, that product still has yet to be engineered, however there’s one product that is amazingly close enough! That product is MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner that can clean windows, glass cooking tops, dust, clean floors, get the stains out of carpets, and even more. Many multi-purpose cleaning products actually fail to serve even one purpose, but this professional product is truly the surefire solution. Here are just a few ways you can take advantage of this product.


Cleaning Windows and Glass

To get that perfect clean and shine, simply use MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner and a soft towel. Clean your windows and glass with a modest spray and wipe method. Spray the cleaner and wipe with a towel, then use the dry side to buff out the streaks for a finishing shine. Repeat this process until the dry side is too wet and then use a new towel.


Clean your mirrors, glass, and cooking tops with just one product that produces perfect results every time.


Dusting with InterCare

You can dust with a cleaning solution? This may come as a shock for you, but yes, you can! Simply spray InterCare Cleaner onto a towel and begin to lightly wipe away at the dust. The cleaner and towel combined helps to keep the dust in the towel and doesn’t simply move it around.


Pro tip: add extra InterCare to remove smudges and fingerprints at the same time as you dust.


Cleaning Your Floors

The traditional mop and bucket isn’t conventional if you want to stop bacteria and viruses. Mops aren’t ever really cleaned so they hold bacteria and viruses that you later spread all over your floor. Additionally, you push dirty water into the grout lines and create dirt deposits.


You can avoid all of this with InterCare Cleaner, a microfiber mop, and some inexpensive microfiber towels. Microfiber towels are reusable, can be thrown in the washer, perform better than pads, and are easy on your finances. Spray InterCare Cleaner on the floor and mop with the microfiber towel on the mop.  When you’re finished with an area, turn over the towel and buff it dry to leave a clean, streak free shine. Spots in the grout can also be cleaned with InterCare Cleaner and a toothbrush—wipe away the dirty suds with a used towel. The end result is a clean, sanitized, healthy, and eco-friendly shine for your flooring.


How Do I Get My Hands On InterCare Cleaner?

The possibilities for cleaning with InterCare Cleaner promise to bring you the best value for your investment. You can’t possibly go wrong with an inexpensive cleaner that can help you with all the necessities. Use it on your glass, windows, carpet, furniture, leather, and fabric. MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner is there for you in so many situations.


Check out how you can get your hands on this effective product by visiting MARBLELIFE’s product website. You will also find a complete line of cleaning products that could transform the way you take care of your household forever.


Don’t settle for less and choose MARBLELIFE for all of your cleaning needs. Choose products fit for the professionals!

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