How To Care For Your Tile & Grout The Proper and Simple Way

How To Care For Your Tile & Grout The Proper and Simple Way

If you have tile flooring or maybe tile in your bathroom or showers, then you probably know how easy the task of cleaning can get away from you. On one hand, the job is intimidating since this is a special surface that you don’t want to damage. On the other, you would probably much rather be doing anything else aside from cleaning. MARBLELIFE understands this phenomenon. So we have researched, tested, and practiced our tile and grout cleaning strategies in order to make your life easier. We’re here to teach you how to clean your tile and grout so easily and so effectively that you won’t have to feel that sense of grief much longer.


The Product


No matter what specific type of tile you have in your home, you will use the following methods. So don’t do any further research! We have your back.


For any process, you’ll need the proper resources and for cleaning your tile, the same concept applies. First, you’ll want to get a hold of professional, quality, non-damaging products. Using cleaners that are acidic can lead to serious color loss and crumbling in the grout joints. So you’ll want to get your hands on MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner, a non acid-based cleaner that has more use than one. For tile floors have a microfiber mop available or for smaller jobs use a microfiber towel.


If your grout is really dirty, then you will want to get MARBLELIFE’s MaxOut Grout Cleaner and a small bristle or tooth brush like tool.


The Process


We promised you a simple method that would clean your tiles effectively and easily. That is what you are going to get! You probably don’t even have to take notes.


There are two steps: spray and wipe. For tile surfaces, countertops, or showers all you have to do is spray InterCare Cleaner and wipe clean. The solution is made so that it actually picks up the bacteria and leaves your tile completely sanitized and beautiful. (For tile, you probably want to get the 32 oz size and pour the solution into a bucket and mop from there.)


For your grout, you can spray InterCare, wipe with a soft bristle brush, and wipe away the suds. If it is really dirty, then employ MaxOut Grout Cleaner or try the process twice.


What’s next?


That’s it! And the best part is that if you clean it properly the first time around, it’ll be a longer span of time until you need to clean it again. So not only do you clean it easily, correctly, and effectively, you also won’t have to worry about it for a good while. Your grout will be protected even longer if you use MARBLELIFE’s Stone Sealer to close those grout pores and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering.


Visit MARBLELIFE’s product site and get products that have been tested and proven for years. Generic cleaners are typically acidic and don’t pick up on present bacteria. So if you want to make sure you’re cleaning less and living more, make sure you choose MARBLELIFE. And if you really don’t want to clean your tile and grout, MARBLELIFE’s professionals can set up a maintenance plan so your natural stone always brings out the best in your home. Good luck and keep cleaning with MARBLELIFE!

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