A Checklist To Complete Before The Holiday Party

A Checklist To Complete Before The Holiday Party

Holding wine glassesThey say it’s the most beautiful time of the year! Yes, that’s right it’s time for the holidays. The holidays invite all kinds of fun, friends, and family, which can all be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. And what are we most overwhelmed over? Is it buying presents, hopping between parties, or balancing work? Stress definitely stems from all of these factors, but a huge source of stress comes from hosting parties. If you’re the host for this year’s holiday festivities, then you’ll want to look at this checklist of tasks to do before the guests show up. You’ll be happy to have the advanced organization.


Gather Your Guests

Make sure you have a good idea of how many guests will be attending. Send out an invitation (digital or physical) and ask people to RSVP. If they haven’t by a certain time, then send a nice reminder. This way you don’t have to overestimate and over-prepare or be blindsided and be underprepared. You can have the right amount of food, favors, and fun with less stress.



Make Your Own List

Every party needs something different so unfortunately we can’t make this list for you. But we can give you some suggestions! Decide what type of food you’ll be serving or if you’ll hire a caterer. If you need to pick up some decorations, party favors, a new suit, or other accessories, write them down and get out with plenty of time to collect them. Get organized!



Clean, Clean, And Clean 

The one thing that you cannot forget to do is clean! First impressions are everything and whether you’re trying to impress your friends, parents, co-workers, or even potential business partners, a clean house says more than you ever could. Cleaning your home sends the message that you care for your guest’s comfort and have your life organized. (Even if you feel you don’t, perception is everything.)


A useful tip when you clean, start with the kitchen. If you have stone flooring or countertops, then you know these are the heart of the home and give it life and beauty. Clean it properly with non-acidic and safe cleaners. Be sure to also polish out any stains or scratches. Finally, add some conditioner to give your kitchen a bright shine that’s sure to stand out. Repeat these steps anywhere else in the home that you find stone surfaces. If you simply don’t have the time, call up the professionals from MARBLELIFE and they’ll have your home sparkling and perfect in a snap!


Sit Back And Relax 

The party checklist is actually not that long, but people still stress. It’s all about getting organized and feeling confident. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday spirit. Don’t let hosting the party bring you down! Turn on some fun holiday music, dance around the kitchen while you clean, and spread the holiday cheer not only to your guests, but also to yourself!


Happy holidays and good luck hosting!

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