Cleaning Your Tile & Grout: The Basics

Cleaning Your Tile & Grout: The Basics

Chairs and table on tiled floorIf you live in some sort of building, then the odds are that you have some type of tile and grout within the home. Some people are well-versed on how to clean, however some of these methods might not be the best when it comes to maintaining tile and grout. You could possibly be damaging your tile’s longevity, color, and shine. Luckily, the stone professionals have compiled their tile and grout tips after years of experience and experimentation. Read on to see how you should be treating your tile and grout.


Use The Right Type Of Cleaner 

Acidic cleaners can do some serious damage to the look and durability of your tile and grout surfaces. All tiles provide a beautiful shine, color, and overall look that could be going to waste while you think you’re actually trying to preserve it. Many generic cleaners contain some sort of acidic element so you’ll want to check the bottle before you buy.


MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Cleaner, as well as all stone care products, are free of acid for this reason. It’s a very easy to use product where you just have to spray and wipe to maintain that great shine. There is also MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Floor Cleaner for the bigger jobs. We recommend choosing our professional products, however if not, be sure that you’re not damaging your tile and grout unsuspectingly.


Cleaning The Grout

When specifically targeting the grout, spray your cleaner into the joints and scrub with a soft bristle brush, then wipe away dirty suds with a clean towel or rag. Use a wallpaper brush or a toothbrush for the smaller corners and details. If you notice that your grout is appearing to be too dirty for a simple cleaner, then use MARBLELIFE’s MaxOut Grout Cleaner.


With MaxOut Cleaner, follow the same process and continue doing so until you see the results you need. Follow the process by cleaning with Tile & Grout Cleaner to get rid of remaining dirt on the tile.


Seal Your Grout 

Once you’ve launched an effective attack on dirt and germs, you’ll want to ensure your job isn’t going to waste by sealing your grout. Sealing grout will block dirt from seeping into open pores and prevent bacteria build up. MARBLELIFE’s Stone Sealer is super easy to apply. You just have to let a small puddle form on the grout and allow to sit for several minutes and then wipe the excess off. You can learn more and see video tutorials at MARBLELIFE’s Homeowner University.


Maintaining your tile and grout is likely very important to you as long as you want your home to stay clean and presentable. Starting by knowing the proper process is a great step forward in your cleaning journey. So heed this advice for the best results!

Good luck cleaning and remember to choose MARBLELIFE for all your stone care needs.

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