Debunked Myth: Cleaning With Alcohol

Debunked Myth: Cleaning With Alcohol

We all pick up some tips here and there when it comes to cleaning. Whether you learned from your parents, a YouTube video, or a friend, you probably have a good sense of what effective cleaning entails. But have you ever cleaned with alcohol? It’s used in medicine, science, and of course at the bar. It seems like a strong chemical that you might assume is effective for killing bacteria on your stone surfaces. However, on its own, alcohol is of no real benefit. If you’re cleaning with just alcohol, then it’s time to stop.


Debunking The Myth


Alcohol assists in wetting and loosening some materials, releasing adhesives and some bacteria from the surface. But, alcohol quickly evaporates and if it’s left to dry it will redeposit the dissolved materials into the surface. On top of that, alcohol has a property that speeds up the drying of a surface. So, really alcohol is not much help when it comes to cleaning stone surfaces.


You may ask, “Well doesn’t it at least kill some germs?” That’s a reasonable question because alcohol can and does kill germs on the surface, however because it dries quickly it leaves the carcass behind. Essentially, it gets the job done and then undoes itself.


Alcohol isn’t effective for cleaning on its own, however with the right amount of additives, a strong cleaner can be created and take advantage of the chemical properties. However, alcohol is effective in breaking down your marble or travertine surfaces. Spills and drink rings that create imperfections in your beautiful countertops are a direct result of the alcoholic properties. So stay away from alcohol (on its own) if you want your amazing surfaces to stay amazing.


The Alternative


Instead of trying all kinds of household alternatives, there is an easy and inexpensive way to successfully clean and maintain your stone. The answer is all in the product. You want a product that can remove oils, break down water deposits, and is safe for your stone. You want a product that is engineered by the experts and has been constantly proven as successful. You want MARBLELIFE.


MARBLELIFE has a diverse set of cleaning and maintenance products for all of your stone care needs. The products can help you with every step of the process, from everyday cleaning to stain and scratch removal. Plus, the cleaning products are developed to actually pick up the dirt, debris, and bacteria, not just to spread and move it around. Furthermore, the cleaners are made specifically for your type of stone, making for a safe and beautiful finish without acidic stains or break down.


Stop looking for different ways to clean, because MARBLELIFE is the easiest and least expensive solution. Visit MARBLELIFE’s website and get started with your basic cleaner, sealer, polish, and conditioner. You’ll be on your way to maintaining beautiful stone which makes for a beautiful home!



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