Debunked Myth: Cleaning With Dish Soap Is Not Okay

Debunked Myth: Cleaning With Dish Soap Is Not Okay

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You’ve probably often contemplated the methods of your cleaning and perhaps you continued to clean with those same techniques despite your apprehensions. Because cleaning is still cleaning even if it isn’t the best way, right? Something is better than nothing, right? Well, not exactly. If you’re going to keep your place clean, then you might as well take a few minutes to learn the proper ways to disinfect and clean to avoid long-term damages or illness. One serious cleaning mistake you could be making has to do with dish soap. It can damage and leave residue, so you’ll ultimately want to learn what the alternative is.


Dish Soap Won’t Get The Job Done


Dish soap is best used for its purpose: washing dishes. If you’re using it to clean your countertops simply because the product is readily available, then you are allowing for residue to build up and inconveniently dull your granite, marble, and grout. This is due to dish soap containing oils that will be trapped in the porous openings of your stone surfaces.


Even if you rinse a rag and sponge several times, you’ll notice that there is enough residue so that suds can be created time and time again. Dish soap is made for when there is excess water to be used, but counter cleaning isn’t a place for water, unless you enjoy flooding of your floors and surrounding pieces. The residue will build up much like soap scum in a shower even if it isn’t visible and dull your surfaces over time. This is not positively contributing to your home’s aesthetic or your financial budget.


So What’s The Alternative?


It’s not so much in how you wipe down your counters or how often you clean, so much as it actually has to really do with your product. You want a product that is acid free and surfactant, meaning that they contain molecules that are able to lift deposits of grease out of the pores.


While being mindful of quality and cost, there is one surefire product that you should use. That is Marblelife’s InterCare Cleaner. This cleaner has a non-acidic base and has been developed by professionals who have been in the stone care industry for over 25 years.


The InterCare Cleaner is a great all-around product that fits the description of everything you need to clean your marble and travertine countertops. It’s ready to use, has a proven record of capability, is streak free, and gets rid of oils and residue with absolute ease. It’s also a great general cleaner and only $8.95 on Marblelife’s website!


Also, try Marblelife’s Granite Countertop Cleaner for best results on granite.

For everyone concerned about their dish soap cleaning methods, it only takes a very small investment to ensure you’re cleaning the right way. Dish soap isn’t all-in-one cleaner. Leave the dish soap to the dish washing process and that’s all.


This myth has been debunked, so now you know. Dish soap isn’t all you thought it was.

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