Debunked Myth: Cleaning With Water

Debunked Myth: Cleaning With Water

Water is an amazing element on this Earth. It houses animals, cleans, hydrates, and gives life. However, as amazing as this element is, you can’t depend on it for everything. One of the things you can’t depend on water for is cleaning your natural stone countertops. The myth that using water for your marble and granite countertops will be safe is actually false. Would you wash your dishes with only water? Or perhaps take a shower with just water? Well, of course not, unless you wanted to do a bad job at cleaning. The same goes for water and natural stone. Read on to learn more about the alternatives.


Debunking The Water Myth


Firstly, water is not something that can remove oil and grease, the most common elements that get stuck in between the pores and crevices of your countertops and grout. A build up over time can cause stains, dulling, and an odor.


Secondly, water doesn’t kill bacteria or viruses. These pathogens live in and among the oils trapped within the pores of the countertop and can be a health hazard to anyone interacting with it.


Thirdly, water cannot remove residue left on the surface and results in a dulling surface. Then, individuals will run out to the store and typically buy a generic polish or something similar to fix the issue. However, these polishes just contribute to the compounding of residue on the surface and in the pores leading to eventual damage.


In conclusion, water is doing nothing and if anything it’s actually damaging your stone surfaces.

What’s The Solution?


We’re not here to just tell you that your cleaning methods are incorrect; we’re also here to provide a solution. Simply applying the same methods will not yield your desired results. What you’ll need is some quality cleaning products that actually adhere to the facts. You want something that will emulsify oils so that they can be lifted away, along with other undesirable elements.


Instead you’ll want a quality and proven product that the professionals swear by. Those products are from MARBLELIFE. Why? MARBLELIFE has over 25 years of experience in stone care and hosts North America’s largest network of certified craftsmen. That means they’ve been developing their methods and products for a long time and have seen them be widely successful.


You can employ products such as MARBLELIFE’s Marble and Travertine Cleaner for basic upkeep. Then you can seal your stone to keep oils out of the cracks with MARBLELIFE’s Stone Sealer. And finally, you can use MARBLELIFE’s Marble Polish for any natural stone countertop to bring back any lost shine! They have a product for all of your stone care needs. Plus, if you don’t have time, or simply don’t have a desire to fix up your countertops, then they can service your stone for you.


Whichever route you go, just be sure it doesn’t involve cleaning with water. Don’t put your stone at risk, and most importantly don’t put your health at risk.


Clean your countertops and floors right with MARBLELIFE products!

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