How To Effectively Dust With MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner

How To Effectively Dust With MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner

marble-travertine-cleaner-32-spray-486x500MARBLELIFE hosts a large array of products that have been developed by professional stone craftsmen with years of experience and knowledge. They will assist you in maintaining your natural stone surfaces so that they are always shining, colorful, and perfect. One of MARBLELIFE’s most popular products is InterCare Cleaner. This is because there are many uses for this product other than cleaning and disinfecting marble countertops safely. We will discuss one of these additional uses today: dusting.


How To Use InterCare For Dusting

If you are going to invest the time dusting, you might as well gain the benefits of cleaning at the same time.


For dusting with InterCare, lightly spray InterCare onto a microfiber or other type of towel then begin dusting. InterCare provides a light cleaning action while you are removing the dust and aids in keeping the dust on the towel. Use the same towel and add more InterCare to remove smudges and fingerprints while dusting.


MARBLELIFE Intercare Cleaners are so effective on removing oily fingerprints and spills that you have too see it to believe it. You can take a look at these short videos on removing an oil spill from a mirror, or grease spatter build-up from an old barbeque. It can look brand new when you are done, with minimal effort. You will be amazed.


While you clean, you will dust! What an amazing time saver and convenience. No more oily fingerprints or dust bunnies around your home.


More About MARBLELIFE Products

Each MARBLELIFE product is designed to work with ease and minimal effort. We designed them not as consumer products but rather as aids for our service teams so they could complete their service assignments for their clients as quickly as possible. Our experiences in the field restoring delicate surfaces, and having to care for adjoining surfaces lead us to develop products that are safe for all your kitchen, bath, and building surfaces. Designed to be safe enough for daily use, but so effective they develop an almost cult following. If there was something more effective, we would be buying and providing it our service teams and families.


You can see for yourself how our products work at our “Homeowner University.” You’ll see the results and learn some cool tips about the products you choose.


Our offerings for SOAP SCUM REMOVAL, MOLD & MILDEW REMOVER, MAXOUT GROUT CLEANER are equally impressive in their performance and ease of use. There is no need to labor endlessly to get the results you want. You just need the right product for your situation. So choose MARBLELIFE’s quality products today for an easier more satisfying clean to your home.


Check out more products from MARBLELIFE at the online store here. Or find out how you can hire a professional to consistently maintenance your residential or commercial location here.


When you clean with MARBLELIFE, you know you’re cleaning right. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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