How To Get That Shine Back In Your Marble

How To Get That Shine Back In Your Marble

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Is your marble looking a little dull or run-down? Has it lost its original shine? Have you tried a few household tips that you found on Google and nothing has changed? Well, we have the real solution for you! It all starts with the right product.


If you’ve been consistent in your cleaning and maintenance efforts, then odds are you’re simply using the wrong product. Getting your shine back into your marble can be effortless with professional quality stone cleaners. You need something that has been tested, proven, persistent, and is easy to use. Don’t worry; we have you covered! So, let’s begin with the basics.


How To Get The Shine Back 

This process will require the use of all MARBLELIFE products as these products are designed to work best when built off of each other.


  1. Clean Your Marble- Your marble cannot be shiny without first being clean. Use MARBLELIFE’s Marble & Travertine Cleaner to prepare your surface for the rest of the process. Simply spray and wipe!


  1. Polish Your Marble- While you’re at it, you might as well use MARBLELIFE’s Marble Polish to work away at the etches and scratches in your marble. This isn’t putting some oils on the surface, but instead it is repairing small imperfections. After all, when your marble has that shine again, you’ll probably be able to spot those etches and scratches quickly.


So work away at the small flaws within the surface in order to ensure a perfect finishing look at the end.


  1. Seal Your Marble- If your marble hasn’t been sealed recently, then you’ll want to take this step to fill the porous stone. Foreign liquids and materials can enter into the cracks of the marble and slowly damage it from the inside. You want to seal your marble at least once every year with MARBLELIFE’s Marble Sealer.


  1. Condition Your Marble- This is where you will finally renew the shine in your marble. You’ll want to employ the use of MARBLELIFE’s Gloss Conditioner. This product can be used with marble, travertine and other natural stones as well. Simply apply and work the conditioner into the surface with a soft cloth or buffer.


Do not use conditioner on floors or steps, as it will make the surface too slippery and dangerous. To renew your floor’s shine, talk to MARBLELIFE about restoring your marble. The professionals can take care of it for you and even setup a maintenance plan to ensure your marble always looks its best.


The Results

As you can tell, the process of getting your marble’s surface to shine beautifully and brightly isn’t all that difficult. It just requires a simple process with the right products. And if you’re not convinced these products are the answer to all of your problems, then head over to MARBLELIFE’s Homeowner University where you can find videos showcasing the success of professional products. Trust a company that has the largest network of stone care professionals and more than 25 years of service.


MARBLELIFE wants you to bring the “WOW” factor into your home, so check out all of MARBLELIFE’s products that can help you maintain your stone surfaces. Bring the shine back into your home!

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