Got clean floors? Are you sure?

Got clean floors? Are you sure?


Using a traditional mop and bucket is the primary cause of dirty floor grout and contributes to the spread of bacteria and viruses.  Since mops don’t really ever get cleaned, they harbor bacteria and viruses that you then spread all over the floors.  When attempting to clean with a mop you continuously push dirty mop water into the grout joints of the floor.  The grout joints are lower than the tiles and are very porous, allowing dirty mop water to continually deposit dirt into the grout.

A fantastic alternative that is not only healthier and more Eco friendly, it results in a cleaner looking, feeling and smelling floor.  The answer is InterCare, a microfiber mop and a bag of cheap microfiber towels.  Why microfiber towels?  Because they clean better than most other towels, hold up better and can be thrown in the laundry machine and reused, which is both economical and Eco friendly.

We recommend using microfiber towels because they perform better than the pads and they are much cheaper.  Our microfiber mops are fitted with Velcro on both the bottom and the top two best hold the towels in place while mopping.

Spray InterCare on the floor and mop with the microfiber towel on the mop.  After doing an area turn over the towel and buff the area dry to leave a clean, streak free shine.  Moving onto the next area, mop the same side of the towel as used to buff the previous area, then change out the towel to buff this area.  Repeat the process to complete the floor.

Spots in the grout can be cleaned with InterCare and a toothbrush, then wipe away the dirty suds with a used towel.

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