Keeping Your Marble Countertops Beautiful

Keeping Your Marble Countertops Beautiful

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The use of marble dates back to ancient times. Bright Hub Engineering explains this beautiful, natural stone was often used for sculptures, monuments and colossal buildings built by emperors. Today marble is still commonly used for exterior and interior design projects. Outdoors it can be found in exterior walls, decorations, and stairs. Indoors it’s often used in bathrooms and in kitchens as countertops and flooring.


Marble countertops are a common design element in many homes. The various colors and tones can enhance many styles of kitchens or bathrooms. Although used for these types of surfaces, marble can be damaged by acidic foods and products. One of the main components of marble is calcium carbonate. This is the ingredient found in anti-acids. With contact, acids will eat away at the calcium in the marble causing etches in the stone. Certain foods are acidic and can damage your marble surface if not cleaned up right away. Foods that are acidic include coffee, soda, most fruit juices, wine, vinegar, pickle juices, limes, lemons, oranges, and many sauces. Many products are also acidic and can cause damage to marble surfaces. These can include room fresheners, perfumes, glass cleaners, and other cleaning products. Sealing marble will protect the surface against stains, but will not protect the stone against acid.


Etches caused by acidic foods and products can look like a small dull spot in the surface of the marble, or the entire area of the countertop will appear dull or worn. A high quality product such as Marblelife Marble polish can be used to remove any small etches or light scratches on areas such as countertops and vanities. Large or deep etches or scratches should be taken care of by a trained Marblelife service professional.


Keeping your marble countertops clean can be done easily. To ensure you are not damaging the surface use a product specifically formulated for marble, such as Marblelife Marble & Travertine Intercare Cleaner. You can take care of simple spills by wiping them up with water and a clean cloth or paper towel. This is not actually cleaning the countertop but removing any crumbs or sticky substances from the surface. Water doesn’t get to the oils and debris trapped in the pores of the stone, or kill any bacteria or viruses that have grown on the surface. A high-quality cleaning product can remove the debris and kill bacteria lingering on your countertop. To clean your marble countertops spray with a cleaner, and wipe with a cloth or paper towel. As you wipe make sure to agitate the cleaner so that it has the opportunity to loosen oils, grease and other substances trapped in the pores and absorb them. Once the area is wiped clean, turn your cloth over and buff the area dry. This will ensure there is nothing left on the countertop. Although any clean cloth or paper towel will work, using a microfiber towel is recommended.


Knowing a few simple facts about marble can help ensure your countertops remain beautiful for many years.



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