MARBLELIFE® Soap Scum Remover

MARBLELIFE® Soap Scum Remover

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Easy, Fast, Surface Safe Soap Scum Removal.


About This Product

Marblelife Soap Scum Remover is a truly unique product, in that it is an abrasive that will absolutely not scratch sensitive marble, travertine, slate or natural stone showers, including glass, metal and plastic enclosures and fixtures. This product is odorless, easy to use and cuts soap scum like it’s not even there. What’s even better, Marblelife Soap Scum Remover can be rinsed away, rubbed away or allowed to dry and be buffed off depending on what is easier for you in each situation. Marblelife Soap Scum Remover also helps remove hard water spots. Depending on the severity, it can completely remove, or significantly reduce the appearance of, hard water spots. Absolutely a fantastic product.

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Soap Scum in Your Shower

Soap scum is the whitish dull film that’s a combination of soap and hard water that builds up on the surfaces of your shower and tub areas.  On certain materials, like vinyl shower curtains, it can result in a biofilm that can harbor pathogenic bacteria.  Soap scum contributes to common bathroom odors and aids in protecting the growth of mold in showers.  Most common cleaners will not successfully remove soap scum and those that can are likely for use on marble, travertine, slate or other natural stone or grout.


Product Directions

The following is our recommended procedure for cleaning soap scum form natural stone showers, tub areas, glass enclosures, metal frames and fixtures.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your results, please contact Marblelife Customer Care for free assistance in reaching your desired results.


Needed Supplies:

  • Marblelife Soap Scum Remover
  • Clean Cloth or sponge
  • Large Cup, container or spray nozzle for rinse water


Step 1 – Scrub

Shake bottle then apply Marblelife Soap Scum Remover to clean cloth or sponge and scrub surfaces affected by soap scum.  As you scrub, you will feel the resistance from the soap scum lessen which means the soap scum is being removed.  Repeat this procedure until the shower is completely clean and free from soap scum.


Step 2 – Rinse or Buff

After scrubbing the shower with Soap Scum Remover, use the cup, container or spray nozzle to rinse off the Soap Scum Remover with clean water.  As an alternative option, allow the Soap Scum Remover to completely dry on the shower surface then buff off with clean cloth.  In showers with sanded grout, water will be needed to rinse the Soap Scum Remover from the pores of the grout.

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