Saving Cleaning Time – Counters – Mirrors Walls

Saving Cleaning Time – Counters – Mirrors Walls

Couple in the KitchenRemember Mom telling us “if you did it right the first time, you wouldn’t have to waste time doing it again?”  I certainly do.  Perhaps this is why we focus so much on understanding why we had to do it the first time rather than seeking to eliminate the root cause.  (Wait a minute though, we aren’t referring to getting rid of the pets, kids or even the husband).  Actually, we’re talking about how many cleaners result in a lot of wasted time.  It’s more prevalent than one might expect.  It’s akin to the planned obsolescence of the 1970 car market. Where cars were designed to fail, so you needed to buy a new one.  Cleaners are designed to be marketed versus functional.  We want shiny – so waxes are added to impart shine (But hold the phone! They also attract and hold dirt, but that’s okay they’ll buy more.) I very much hate that.  I want to be done fast and easy and in as little time as possible.  I want is done RIGHT so I don’t have to keep doing it again.


The study of cleaning has resulted in a number of MARBLELIFE innovations and advances.  (In fact, stay tuned as we will be launching a new product shortly, one that can actually turn your glass and metal into a self-cleaning surface – how great would that be?)  Today, half the battle is not removing the dirt, but removing the material that allows the dirt to stick to the surface.  Oil, wax and what we think of as dirt/dust, are completely different items.  Sand, mud, cat dander etc do not stick to anything by themselves.  You instinctively know this as we’ve collected it as dust.  However, when they encounter a wax (deposited by many wood and glass cleaners) or an oil (deposited by cooking splatters, fingerprints, bare feet, and pet noses) we inadvertently provide the glue needed to stick that dirt to our surfaces.  The most important factor is eliminating the glues (and not adding any new ones).


MARBLELIFE cleaners are wax-free and designed to lift-and-surround oils so they can be carried away in the cleaner’s water.  That may sound impossible as we all know oil and water don’t mix.  But like the magicians of old who used science to create magic, so has MARBLELIFE.  Our cleaners surround oils and allow them to be lifted free effortlessly.  With the oils removed, the dirt wipes away with ease.  With no residues we are not cleaning the cleaner.  We have a fresh, clean, healthy surface that will remain easy to clean versus suffering a gradual decline as waxes accumulate.


TIP:  If you can’t get your wood floors or granite counter back to a clean surface, the problem may be the gradual accumulation of waxes and residues.  MARBLELIFE can help.  A one-time professional cleaning can remove this build-up, allowing you to see and interact with your REAL clean surface.  Once done, maintenance is easy.  As MARBLELIFE products are designed to maintain a TRUE clean.  How does that sound for a time saver!

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