Signs That Your Granite Needs To Be Serviced

Signs That Your Granite Needs To Be Serviced

Designers interior - Kitchen and living room interiorIf you have granite in your home, then you probably have a deep appreciation for the added beautiful look it provides for the overall appearance of your home or commercial location. But just like any stone, you can’t simply treat it with generic cleaners and techniques, unless you risk the possibility of acidic stains or unintentional scratches. So knowing your options is best when it comes to cost, time, and necessity.

But maybe you’ve never even thought about restoring or maintaining your marble in a special way until now. That’s fine, because we’ll give you a breakdown of some simple signs that indicate your granite should be serviced and what servicing actually entails.

Your Granite Has Dull Spots

If your granite has spots that dull and differ in color from the rest of the stone, then you probably will want to have it serviced. Fixing these imperfections on your own is not easy. But stone care companies like Marblelife can help you recover the color by professionally polishing your granite.

Your Granite Has Scratches

When your granite has noticeable scratches it’s difficult to overlook them. Thus, if you want to get it back to a perfect appearance you’ll want to employ a professional with the skills to use high-speed diamond technology. Your scratches will be gone and your granite will be restored to its original state.

You Can’t Remember The Last Time Your Granite Was Sealed

Most granite should be sealed every two years to maintain stain resistance. Marblelife uses their own manufactured sealers to give your granite a shield of protection. In the long run, this investment will save you money and headaches.

You Don’t Have Much Spare Time

If you simply don’t have the time to figure out how to maintain your granite than you can just hire a reliable professional to do it. There’s no point in stressing yourself out when you could be working on other things or relaxing. The professionals have got your back.

Or Service Your Granite Yourself

Or if you’d really like to try this yourself, you can purchase easy and affordable professional cleaning products such as “Granite Countertop Cleaner” or “Granite Countertop Gloss Conditioner.” Marblelife’s line of quality cleaning products will allow you to properly preserve your granite at a professional level. You can visit Marblelife’s website for a complete look at their line of products that are guaranteed to work and free from acid, preventing accidental stains from generic cleaners.

If you choose to service your home or commercial location, you can be on your way to a gorgeous and flawless overall look. For simple maintenance of granite that looks near perfect perhaps try Marblelife’s products. You can get your free granite restoration estimate with a quick phone call to Marblelife at  (888) 524-3372. Once you give us the green light, we’ll get to work and won’t be done until you are completely satisfied. Beautifully finished granite is just a call away!

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