Want Clean or Waxed Wood Floors?

Want Clean or Waxed Wood Floors?

Wood CleanerMost people would answer clean, and quite correctly.  Waxes tend to scuff, buff and trap dirt.  That might be okay when you have made the choice to use them, but when they are passed off as a cleaner, and they seek to equate gloss with clean.  There is a problem.  Even worse, when you realize that in order to recreate that gloss you need to use the product again.  In fact, much more frequently than if the floor was wax-free.


So other than creating a need to keep using the product, why do they include waxes?  Waxes were included to fill in micro-scratches in the protective urethane coating on today’s wood and laminate wood floors.  Only problem is that wax is not smart, it goes everywhere, in the scratch and on top of the rest of the floor.  Eventually it creates its own haze.  Now what do you do?  It won’t clean off with a standard cleaner.  Now you need a professional to carefully strip off the wax without damaging the wood’s protective coating.


But if you really did need something to address a worn floor what then?  The right is answer is never to create a different problem, but rather to address the root cause. This does NOT mean going to the extreme of regrinding a floor, but rather repairing your protective coat.  Once this is done, guess what the floor is naturally glossy because its durable (much more durable than wax) coating is in good glossy shape.  The floor no longer has sticky waxes grabbing and holding onto dirts that would otherwise be removed with a dust mop.  Yes, that’s right the floor should be easier to clean, and can be once stripped of residual waxes.


MARBLELIFE has spent over a quarter of a century studying care and maintenance of hard surfaces, in order to define the root cause of each cleaning or care problem, then to design a permanent solution, followed by an appropriate care solution.  MARBLELIFE Wood & Wood Laminate Cleaning is our next solution.  It removes dust, dirt, grease and oil, without introducing or depositing micro-waxes, for a truly clean result.


If your floor looks hazy or worn, give MARBLELIFE a call.  We can assess your situation, and prescribe the appropriate strategy to restore a beautiful finish, and an easier and healthier cleaning strategy.  Get your floor back, as well as your time.  Try it today, Give us a Call.  Your floors will be glad you did, as will you.

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