Want Easy Cleaning and Effortless Results? – You only need to do these 2 things..

Want Easy Cleaning and Effortless Results? – You only need to do these 2 things..

FIRST, don’t overwork your surface with a misguided, over-marketed cleaner who’s over the top marketing campaign focuses only on the quick buck rather than sure-fire solution.  SECOND, recognize and fix the damage that already exists.


colorsealDo you know the first thing a professional tile restorer will do to eliminate stained grout?  Apply a mild acid. This is done in order to REMOVE the seal before applying a new seal.  This makes sense ONLY if you are planning on applying the new seal, then subsequently an ideally non-acidic sensitive seal.  As you can see, use of an acidic cleaner on a grout floor cannot be a good idea.  Sure it provides a lighter stain, giving the appearance of being cleaner, but one has just opened the floor to actually accepting stains more easily.  Oops! And it gets worse! Because clearly the marketer wants you to use more of their cleaner.


If this sounds like your situation.  Relax.  We’ve got you covered.  First, let go of that acidic cleaner.  Back away from the bottle.  Take a breather.  Now let’s get this fixed!  First, halt the damage.  Shift to MARBLELIE TILE & GROUT Cleaner, or if you have marble MARBLELIFE Marble & Travertine Cleaner.   These products will remove the grease and oil and clean your tile without doing any damage.


Now, lets get it back to new.  You are going to need to reseal the floor, more specifically, your grout lines, -or else they will continue to darken.  In fact, an unsealed grout line will get darker as a result of the very act of cleaning as you solubilize the dirt on top of the tile and transfer it to the lower grout line in that very act of cleaning.  However, you can freeze that unruly process by applying MARBLELIFE GROUT SEALER, provided you are now satisfied with the appearance of your grout. If not, call MARBLELIFE.


MARBLELIFE can custom generate a colorized, non-acid sensitive sealer that can restore your grout to its original color, or even change the color.  Imagine re-accenting your bathroom grout lines to match your towels, or even buying new towels, and re-accenting the room.  (How long do you think it would take for your partner to even recognize the change?)  Given the change can be implemented in a few hours, you are literally a call and an afternoon away from a whole new look.  A look that is a second chance with restoring a uniform pristine clean grout line.  The beauty here is that MARBLELIFE COLORSEAL floors are no longer acid-sensitive, so if someone cleans with the wrong sealer this time you are not going to suffer darkening grout lines.


Revolutionary.  Beautiful.  Easy to clean… and fun… just how long do you think it’ll take before others realize its not just cleaner, its new again.

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