How can Marble be easier to take care of?

Spring 02-13-2014Have you ever wondered why your Marble surfaces are so different from others and why everyone is so afraid to use cleaners on them. We have updated our website recently to include lots of information on why and how for

See a sample of the information here at our product page for all Marble surfaces.


Vinegar - Water


Will it hurt to use vinegar and water mixed together on my marble shower? 

ABSOLUTELY – Marble is acid sensitive. Vinegar is acidic. Doing this will dull your marble over time. Each application creating micro cavities in the stone.

Almost 20% of the service work done on marble is due to the use of inappropriate cleaners such as vinegar.

You should only use a product that has specifically been recommended for use on marble AND states that it is non-acidic or pH Neutral.

We would recommend you evaluate MARBLELIFE Marble Cleaner. It comes in a Ready-to-use version, and a concentrate for economic refills.

If you are having difficulty with soap scum build-up use SOAP-SCUM REMOVER to safely remove this before using the marble cleaner to maintain it.

If you have already used vinegar – you may want to try the MARBLE POLISH to restore the shine, or you may need to call a marble craftsman to have them re-polish the stone for you. Enter your estimate in the estimate request box on our SERVICE page and you can secure the contact info for your local office. They can also provide you a custom education on what you need to do and what to avoid in order to maintain the beauty of your stone for years to come.


Watermelon and Marble… A sad story

404800We bought a watermelon and placed it on top of our black marble counter top in the kitchen. Someone cut it (I’m not saying who) and let it drip on the marble, down the cabinet, and on to the floor.  I cleaned up as soon as I saw it, but it has left white marks on my beautiful black marble.  When I wipe it down and it’s wet, the spots go away, but the minute it’s drythe white marks show up.  What can I do?  Is my only answer a professional?

Answer:  Before you call the pros, I want you to try Marblelife.  Use the Marblelife Marble and Travertine Cleaner and clean the whole surface.  Then use the Marblelife Etch Remover and polish in small areas at a time in a circular motion. Use a soft rag.  As soon as see that the Marble is shiny, stop the action of the Etch Remover by cleaning again with the Marblelife Marble and Travertine Cleaner.  So you are going to polish with the Etch Remover, and then clean with the Marble Cleanergoing the whole length of the stain.  Just remember, polish a small area at a time, and follow with the cleaner.

Judy writes: what product do you recommend should i use on my absolute black granite floor..thank you

ANSWER: For your black granite FLOOR I would recommend using our “InterCare” Cleaner (Marblelife Marble & Travertine Cleaner). It’s available in ready-to-use spray and concentrate for a solid economical value. We do not recommend any conditioner or polish on black granite other than what a trained professional can deliver.We have a new video on YouTube that shows some helpful tips in keeping a beautiful shining floor with less effort and in a eco-friendly fashion. This along with other helpful videos can be found at The video is called “Marblelife Care Products”.If you have any further questions or we may be of any other help, please feel free to contact us.


Is the soap scum cleaner safe for my pure white marble shower floor? Do I have to apply a sealer when I use it?

ANSWER: Marblelife’s Soap Scum Remover is very safe for your pure white marble floor. It should provide you with a very clean surface with absolutely no scratches, etching or staining. Sealing is not needed before using our Soap Scum Remover. We do recommend using a sealer to help protect your marble from stains and to help make cleaning easier.

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