The Proper Care and Cleaning of Wood and Laminate Wood Surfaces

The Proper Care and Cleaning of Wood and Laminate Wood Surfaces

Hardwood floorWood and laminate wood products are popular materials used in homes for flooring and other products. It’s a durable material that stands up to high-traffic use. For those with breathing issues, wood is the better choice in flooring. Carpets can release toxic substances into the air creating indoor air pollution.


Most wood and laminate wood products are pre-treated when they are manufactured. If they aren’t pretreated, a urethane coating can be applied. The urethane creates a harder and more durable finish than natural wood, and is easier to maintain. A coating protects the wood from substances that can get into the pores and crevices. These trapped substances can become rancid and breed bacteria.


Cleaning wood and laminate wood surfaces is easy. The first step is to dust the surface. To dust properly use a microfiber towel and go over the entire surface area. For floors you can place the towel under a broom. This lifts any dust, sand, hair, or other substances that can become abrasive when ground in by feet, shoes, and especially high heels. The next step is to clean the surface with an appropriate cleaner. Use one that is wood-safe, non-abrasive, and formulated to remove oils from irregular surfaces. The cleaner shouldn’t leave any waxes or residue. Always use a damp cloth, not a wet one. A wet cloth will only move the debris around, a damp one will pick up any substances. If your cleaner isn’t providing the surface sheen you are looking for or want, then the surface may be worn, damaged, or you may not be using the appropriate cleaner.

Some wood cleaners incorporate microwaxes in their ingredients to fill in minor scratches and gives the surface a glossy appearance making it look “clean.” These types of cleaners fill scratches but leave a soft wax coating over the surface.  Although they are deemed as a cleaners, they are more a wax. The residue left behind creates a softer-than-wood finish that the dirt is pressed into and then trapped. This will cause scratches in the surface.

If your surface does becomes scratched, in general, it can be repaired. For a scratch that is the same color as the surface or just in the finish of the wood, a good cleaning with a quality product and then a coat of urethane will get your wood surface looking like new again. If the scratch is a different color or a deep cut, the surface will need to be sanded, cleaned and resealed. This should be done by a professional.

Wood and laminate wood surfaces are a great investment for your home. You can keep them looking like new with just a few easy maintenance steps. Always use a cleaner made specifically for these surfaces, such as the Marblelife Wood and Laminate cleaner. This cleaner is formulated to lift and emulsify dirt for easy clean-up. This will leave your floors and other wood surface areas with a clean finish that will last through the high-traffic of everyday use.



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