Smart Scrubbing – How to get it off fast without risking damage.

Smart Scrubbing – How to get it off fast without risking damage.

Very dirty plate in grease stains in the kitchen.

Life is easy, when we apply science to even the most mundane of problems.  How to get soap scum off of glass shower doors, or burnt on food from oven or microwave surfaces, or bugs off wheel hubs.  You cannot attack these surfaces with a brillo pad, screwdriver or other hard unforgiving surface without damaging the surface we want to clean.  That said, what do we really need?  A material that is harder than the dirt we want to remove, but not as hard as the primary surface.  Such a magical material would be able to cut through the hard to remove dirt, but breakdown when it hits a hard glass or metal surface.


This is the breakthrough that makes MARBLELIFE®’s SOAP & SCUM remover so revolutionary.  It cuts through soap and dirt and then fragments once it hits the hard surface below.  You can literally feel the difference as you cut through the dirt and then the smooth feel as you interact with the cleaned surface below it.  Its so easy, its actually fun.  You can see you are getting something done…and fast.


An entire shower glass door can be cleared of soap in 10 minutes flat.


Now you are back to clear glass.


If you have hard water – a little vinegar on glass or metal will dissolve this away in a few minutes.  By

MARBLELIFE Soap Scum Remover

separating crusted food and soap, from hard water one can quickly clean in two short steps, because each step is optimized to address the culprit we face.  No blind guessing.  Defined solutions that work for the problem we face.


Once you have your cleaned surface back you can maintain it with MARBLELIFE® MARBLE & TRAVERTINE CLEANER.  Our cleaners are formulated to be safe on delicates such as marble and travertine, but extremely effective on your glass, metal, plastics and counter surfaces.  If you have a wood floor consider our MARBLELIFE® WOOD & LAMINATE Cleaner for best results.


We have you covered with optimized solutions for each cleaning environment and surface around you.

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