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  • MARBLELIFE Can Clean More Than Stone?

    MARBLELIFE craftsmen and products are known for their superior cleaning abilities when it comes to natural stone. But, did you know that MARBLELIFE also has some great tricks for wood flooring, cabinets, and furniture care? We’re going to let you in on those secrets, now!


    Different Types Of Wood

    The term “wood” is an all encompassing term that refers to materials such as solid wood, engineered wood, laminate, and imitation wood.


    • Solid wood is one piece of real wood cut to size.
    • Engineered wood consists of several layers of wood like in plywood with the top layer being the quality finished wood.
    • Laminate is a synthetic material that looks like wood glued on top of a fiber board type of material.
    • Imitation would be a completely man made material made to resemble the look and possibly texture of wood. The wood veneer surface is often a printed vinyl, paper or plastic.


    In each case, however the vast majority of these materials have a top coat finish on them that provides the gloss, semi-gloss, satin or matte finish we have selected or prefer in our piece. These surface treatments are what we are actually interacting with when we are cleaning.


    The Problem With Common Cleaning Methods

    The use of polishes and oil soaps only leave a residue on the surface of the synthetic coating. In turn, they are applying an oil. Oils may provide a glossy appearance initially, but their very nature is such that they also attract dirt which sticks to this moist sticky surface. The oils also tend to evaporate over time, which is why you find yourself constantly having to re-apply.


    Thus, the act of applying these ineffective materials has us removing trapped surface dust, but later re-apply the dust trap once again. An effective cleaner will eliminate the surface oils from these surfaces, halting the trapping of dust and debris for a longer lasting clean.


    The Alternative You Need

    If you have MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner, then you can use this product to help you remove surface oils as it doesn’t leave residues behind. Or you can get a hold of the cleaner made specifically for optimal cleaning of your wood surfaces, MARBLELIFE’s Wood & Laminate Cleaner. This cleaner makes wood easy to clean and leaves gloss that’s non-damaging for a beautiful shine. Its purpose is to remove oil, grease and dirt, without depositing any artificial waxes, for a true, healthy clean.


    With the right cleaners, you’ll find that you’re cleaning less and actually improving your wood surfaces, rather than witnessing a “fake clean” that unfortunately makes the situation worse. Simply turn to MARBLELIFE for all of your surface needs! Our team of professionals can personally help you improve your residential or commercial surfaces or we can provide you with the proper materials to do it yourself.


    Visit MARBLELIFE products for the full line of cleaners that truly get the job done!

    The Problem With Acid Cleaners

    You might be using acidic cleaners to disinfect your stone surfaces, because it seems to be a hard clean that necessitates chemical power. However, if you’ve kept up with MARBLELIFE stone care tips, then you’ve repeatedly heard that acidic cleaners should not be used to maintain your stone surfaces. If you hadn’t already known this fact, then we’re going to break down exactly how acidic cleaners are your worst enemy when it comes to stone conservation.


    The Big Issue

    If you have stone surfaces, such as marble, granite, or travertine, acid can cause a variety of problems. This is especially true if you have tile and grout. Despite the type of natural stone, acidic cleaners can:


    1. Attack many sealers used to seal the grout. Acids shift the pH to the point that the sealer will start the process of breaking down.
    2. Acids can leach out the dyes used to color the grout. In fact, often when you notice a clean lightening it is due to loss of color, not lack of dirt.
    3. Acids are used to clean excess grout from the top of brick and tile. If masonry acids are used in this matter, than the use of acids can indeed damage the grout.
    4. If you are talking about grout around a marble, travertine or terrazzo floor then the very act of cleaning will dull your floor, as acids dissolve calcium carbonate, the very chemical from which these materials are made.


    Today’s Alternatives

    So you’re probably concerned and thinking, “What am I going to do now?” It seems that every cleaner solution has some percentage of acid presence. But, that’s actually not true. The experts at MARBLELIFE have developed a whole line of cleaners that are acid-free, easy to use, and affordable!


    These products were developed by the experts in stone care with years of research and field experience. The line of cleaners is based on safe solvents and surfactants that effectively clean, degrease, and shine. These are the same products that the experts use when they make a commercial or residential call!


    No longer bring your stone to its own death with generic acidic cleaners, or bleach and vinegar concoctions. The line was made in mind for you to become the expert in stone care. Plus, we provide plenty of tips, tricks, and tutorials to help you get the most out of our products.


    So, if you’ve been working with acidic cleaners and wish to reverse that damage, try investing in MARBLELIFE products. You won’t regret it!

    How And Why You Should Seal Your Granite Counters

    Granite countertops can add some major beauty points to any home. That’s why you want to ensure you’re taking good care of these surfaces to help them reach their utmost potential. You’re probably cleaning and disinfecting your granite, but are you taking further steps to protect the color, clean, and shine? Maybe yes, maybe no. Whether or not you are taking these steps, you can benefit from learning about the granite sealing process and how it can help your granite surfaces.


    Cleaning Precautions  

    One thing all people who take care of granite should know is that acidic cleaners are your worst enemy. If you’re already cleaning/disinfecting your surface with acidic cleaners, then before making any moves, switch to a non-acidic substitute. Sealing your granite won’t help any if you’re going to use a counterproductive cleaner. Moreover, you want to look for a cleaner that travels into the pores of the granite and will lift out the oils trapped inside without leaving a residue. We suggest MARBLELIFE’s Granite & Quartz Cleaner.


    Why Seal Your Granite? 

    Sealing your granite is an essential part of the granite maintenance process. Just like with any stone surface, there are small pores in which bacteria, liquids, and dirt can seep into, damaging your surface slowly from the inside. Sealing your countertops will help keep those foreign materials out. Your granite will be far less susceptible to bacteria or stains from red wine, coffee, juice, etc.


    If your granite is more porous or light in color, it’s imperative that you make sure the surface is sealed soon as possible, as the stains can be very hard to extract without professional help.


    How To Seal Your Granite 

    Unless you’re 100 percent sure that the granite has been sealed properly within the last year, you should seal your granite. It’s not expensive, it’s easy, and it could save you from a much more time consuming and expensive issue if an unexpected liquid drop occurs.


    Apply a granite sealer at least once a year or twice for areas that receive a lot of traction. No matter how quality your sealer may be, the coating is bound to slowly deteriorate as your cleaner emulsifies and disinfects.


    Sealing your granite should be simple and straightforward. Don’t purchase anything too complicated. MARBLELIFE products are made by the professionals who are experts in stone care and we provide a simple micro-mist spray that makes for a quick and effective seal. With MARBLELIFE’s Granite Sealer, just spray the counter evenly, then allow to sit for a few minutes. Before the sealer dries, buff off the excess and you’re done!



    To summarize, be sure to take effective care of your granite countertops with acid-free products. Any stone surface needs proper maintenance to be sure they stay beautiful and compliment your home. Furthermore, for the counters to remain in their best condition, seal them and help them fight off foreign elements.


    MARBLELIFE’s team of experts can also help you if you have any further questions or need assistance with projects big and small.

    How To Clean & Seal Your Grout

    Do you have tile floors or countertops? If so, then you know how they can really bring out the look in your home or can do the opposite. The grout between your tiles collects dirt and can stain, deteriorating your surface look overall. There are multiple methods that people employ to upkeep these surfaces, but only one is the best option and backed by the professionals.


    Get The Right Cleaner

    The right materials often determine the success of the job. The same concept applies for your tile and grout! Many will use a generic tile and grout cleaner that has acidic components. Acid can damage the color and durability of your grout, plus they don’t do a very great job. So, first you want to get your hands on a quality cleaner.


    We suggest MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Cleaner and MaxOut Grout Cleaner. They both are acid-free, easy to use, and have shown consistent success over time.


    Clean Your Grout 

    Cleaning your grout is simple as long as you have the right materials. With MaxOut cleaner, all you have to do is apply the cleaner to the grout and brush with a hard bristle (toothbrush, wallpaper brush, long handle floor brush). As you brush the suds will get dirtier, that means it’s doing its job by getting the dirt out!


    Once you’ve brushed a good amount of dirt out, wipe away the remaining suds with a clean towel. After wiping away the remains, spray Tile & Grout Cleaner to remove any remaining MaxOut.


    Pro tip: for large areas, apply MaxOut and use the edge of a long handle floor brush. You won’t have to be on your knees and it’s faster. You shouldn’t push hard, since you just want the tips of the bristles. After, mop off the suds and apply Tile & Grout Cleaner.



    Sealing Your Grout

    If you want to seal your grout so that the pores are more closed and less prone to staining and hoarding dirt, then first clean your grout as previously directed. Afterwards, spray Tile & Grout cleaner in the grout a second time and brush. Your pores will be nice and open, prepped for the sealing.


    If you use MARBLELIFE’s Grout Sealer, all you’ll have to do is apply and let it soak for a couple minutes. Then, simply wipe off any sealer that has made it’s way onto the tile. That’s it! The sealer should have soaked into the grout pores and will leave you with cleaner surfaces for a longer time period.

    If you want to clean and seal your grout properly, make sure you employ this method. It’s the easiest and most successful technique that you can apply. MARBLELIFE’s professionals have years of experience and research, so they want you to be able to enjoy a superior clean at an affordable price.


    Visit MARBLELIFE’s product website for more information on how our cleaners can help you take care of all your surfaces.

    Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

    If wood flooring, cabinets, furniture, or any type of surface lies in the heart of your home, then you probably have had some questions regarding the proper methods of maintenance. But, no matter what type of wood is present in your home, there is one technique that you can employ to ensure there are no stains, marks, discoloring, or other damages. We’re here to let you in on this cleaning secret that you won’t want to miss.


    Prolonging Your Wood’s Look

    Wood has the ability to make any part of your home look amazing! Whether it has a gloss, semi-gloss, satin, or matte finish, preserving that look all has to do with how you maintain it.


    The surface finishing is what you’re actually interacting with when you’re cleaning. It’s not so much the wood, so much as it is the coating. These coatings typically consist of a urethane, acrylic, enamel or other man made element. So, you’ll have to know how to clean these coatings in order to maintain the look and prevent surfaces from damaging.


    Common Mistakes

    When attempting to bring out the best look in wood surfaces, many people make mistakes. They might not even notice, however, over time, damage and the appearance will show when it’s too late.


    When cleaning, people will often use polishes and oil soaps. This only leaves a residue on the surface of the synthetic coating. Essentially, they are applying an oil, which provides an initial glossy look, but actually attracts dirt that sticks to a moist, sticky surface. The oil eventually evaporates and you have to constantly reapply. Furthermore, the surface is certainly not clean. Wipe the dust away from the surface, only to reapply the dust trapper is counterproductive.


    An Effective Method

    Instead of maintaining a cyclical issue of wood maintenance, you can choose to obtain an effective cleaner, which removes surface oils. Removing surface oils will put an end to the dust and dirt trap for a proper clean.


    Choose a product that actually picks up surface oils without leaving residue or damage. These products must be free of acidic elements, depositing waxes, or oils. You don’t just want something to look clean, you want it to be clean.


    One product that you should consider employing is MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner. Sure, it may have been originally designed for stone and marble surfaces, however, MARBLELIFE quickly noticed a struggle with wood, furniture, and cabinets. Thus, MARBLELIFE’s InterCare Cleaner is a great option for those looking for an all-around cleaner that actually works. It dusts, cleans, and shines all at the same time. And it’s made by the professionals who have years of experience working on the ground-floor.


    However, no matter if you choose MARBLELIFE or not, be aware of the way you should be cleaning your wood. Actually make sure your surfaces are clean, and don’t just look clean.

    5 Ways That You Could Be Cleaning More Efficiently

    It seems like the cleaning never stops when it comes to your home. The moment you finish, it’s as if dirt and germs know and pile up, leaving you cleaning constantly. But how much you clean and how much time you spend on cleaning, might not directly correlate with how clean your home is. There are a few ways that you could make sure you employ the “quality versus quantity” method and avoid cleaning so much to maximize your time.


    Sanitize Your Sponges 

    You might have a couple of sponges lying around the house for all your cleaning needs. But, have you ever wondered how clean they actually are? Doesn’t it just seem like they’re harboring all the germs that you removed from your surfaces? Well, you can ensure they’re sanitized and ready to go for the next cleaning job. Quickly throw your sponges in the microwaves for a couple minutes and the bacteria will deteriorate away. No more throwing away sponges at half their lifespan.


    Clean Those Toys

    If your kids have a ton of toys lying around the house, it can certainly be an intimidating job to clean each individual item. But you want to make sure they’re healthy and not exposed to germs! What are you going to do? The answer is simple: use a laundry bag. You can clean much more than clothes in your washer. Put the toys in a laundry bag, add some detergent, and you’re ready to go! You might also try this concept with the dishwasher!


    Attack Pet Hair 

    If you have a pet that sheds on your carpet, then you can use this easy method to get that annoying hair off your clean carpet. If you have a squeegee lying around, you can use it to quickly collect dirty hair. It’s amazingly simple.


    Use damp rubber gloves to remove pet hair from furniture! It’ll act like a super magnet.


    Work Room By Room

    When we clean we can often get sidetracked by the size of the job. We’re in one room and then suddenly we find ourselves in another tending to a separate job. In order to have the best outcome and an overall cleaner household, work room to room. This way you are organized and thoroughly clean. You’ll avoid having to constantly clean if you do a great job the first time!


    Clean Your Tiles With MARBLELIFE

    MARBLELIFE cleaners will ensure that your stone floors or surfaces are actually clean. That means that there are no stains, scratches, leftover bacteria, or discoloring. However, there will be plenty of shine, sanitization, and beauty! MARBLELIFE products are easy to use, minimize your time, and keep your surfaces clean, durable, and lovely for much longer.


    Check out MARBLELIFE’s complete line of products that are great for your home and time management.


    Use these tips for a better cleaning experience! Good luck with your cleaning journey!

    Cleaning Your Tile & Grout: The Basics

    Chairs and table on tiled floorIf you live in some sort of building, then the odds are that you have some type of tile and grout within the home. Some people are well-versed on how to clean, however some of these methods might not be the best when it comes to maintaining tile and grout. You could possibly be damaging your tile’s longevity, color, and shine. Luckily, the stone professionals have compiled their tile and grout tips after years of experience and experimentation. Read on to see how you should be treating your tile and grout.


    Use The Right Type Of Cleaner 

    Acidic cleaners can do some serious damage to the look and durability of your tile and grout surfaces. All tiles provide a beautiful shine, color, and overall look that could be going to waste while you think you’re actually trying to preserve it. Many generic cleaners contain some sort of acidic element so you’ll want to check the bottle before you buy.


    MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Cleaner, as well as all stone care products, are free of acid for this reason. It’s a very easy to use product where you just have to spray and wipe to maintain that great shine. There is also MARBLELIFE’s Tile & Grout Floor Cleaner for the bigger jobs. We recommend choosing our professional products, however if not, be sure that you’re not damaging your tile and grout unsuspectingly.


    Cleaning The Grout

    When specifically targeting the grout, spray your cleaner into the joints and scrub with a soft bristle brush, then wipe away dirty suds with a clean towel or rag. Use a wallpaper brush or a toothbrush for the smaller corners and details. If you notice that your grout is appearing to be too dirty for a simple cleaner, then use MARBLELIFE’s MaxOut Grout Cleaner.


    With MaxOut Cleaner, follow the same process and continue doing so until you see the results you need. Follow the process by cleaning with Tile & Grout Cleaner to get rid of remaining dirt on the tile.


    Seal Your Grout 

    Once you’ve launched an effective attack on dirt and germs, you’ll want to ensure your job isn’t going to waste by sealing your grout. Sealing grout will block dirt from seeping into open pores and prevent bacteria build up. MARBLELIFE’s Stone Sealer is super easy to apply. You just have to let a small puddle form on the grout and allow to sit for several minutes and then wipe the excess off. You can learn more and see video tutorials at MARBLELIFE’s Homeowner University.


    Maintaining your tile and grout is likely very important to you as long as you want your home to stay clean and presentable. Starting by knowing the proper process is a great step forward in your cleaning journey. So heed this advice for the best results!

    Good luck cleaning and remember to choose MARBLELIFE for all your stone care needs.

    A Step-By-Step Process To Cleaning Your Marble

    Pretty woman doing her house chores at homeThere are a lot of step-by-step guides for many processes you may encounter in life and cleaning your marble and travertine surfaces are no exception. Cleaning and maintaining them may seem like an easy process, but there are multiple steps that one should take if you’re truly committed to making them stand out. It also doesn’t take much time or effort. It only necessitates the right knowledge.


    If you want to know how to clean your marble and travertine to ensure that your floors, countertops, and other surfaces can maintain their beauty, shine, and perfection, then read on!


    Step 1: Gather Your Materials

    Before jumping into any process, you want to gear up with the right tools. For a complete job you’ll need: a microfiber towel, acid-free stone cleaner, stone polish, stone sealer, and stone conditioner. You can find all of these products at: http://marblelifeproducts.com/ These products were made by the professionals with the consumer in mind. They’re easy to use, effective, and safe.


    In this step-by-step, we’ll be using MARBLELIFE products.


    Step 2: Start Cleaning 

    For marble and travertine countertops you’ll want to simply spray your Marble & Travertine InterCare cleaner and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Use the damp side and dry off with the other side of the cloth until it’s too damp and switch it out. For large areas like tile floors, attach cloths to a swiffer type mop and use the same process but with the Marble Cleaner Concentrate.


    Step 3: Polish Your Stone 

    Once dry, you’ll want to repair your stone by buffing out minor scratches and stains with Marble Polish and a polishing pad (or towel). Simply apply an egg-sized amount of polish to etches and scratches and buff out with the pad. For advanced details check out MARBLELIFE’s polish page.


    Step 4: Seal Your Stone

    You want to seal your stone and close its pores at least once every one or two years. This way your marble has less of a chance for staining and holding bacteria. If you want to seal your tile, then you will likely want to employ a professional. However, if you have some manageable countertops, then you can use some home Stone Sealer.


    This process will be another simple one where you can use a dry cloth (or sponge) and apply about an ounce of sealer onto the surface. Spread the sealer so that the entire surface is wet and allow to soak for ten minutes. After ten minutes, buff dry. See more details here.


    Step 5: Condition Your Marble

    You don’t have to condition your stone unless you see dulling or lack of shine. This normally comes from lack of maintenance or acidic cleaners. If you do condition your countertops or small floor areas, simply apply Marble Gloss Conditioner to the surface and work into the stone with a cloth. Then, let it dry for an hour and buff off remaining conditioner.


    You can find even more detailed step-by-steps including videos at MARBLELIFE’s Home University. MARBLELIFE professionals can help you with all your stone care needs!

    How To Choose The Right Cleaning Product

    Smiling woman spraying cleaner in apron and rubber glovesThere are numerous cleaning products that you can choose from, but there are only a few that actually work. That means that you could be wasting your time and money! In order to ensure that this problem doesn’t persist, you need to know what you’re looking for in a cleaner. Any company can claim that their cleaner works better than others, but few can actually deliver results.


    You can be safe with some generic cleaners that are targeted towards surfaces like glass or wood. However, if you have stone surfaces, then you probably know that subpar cleaners can leave residue, dull the color, and eliminate the beautiful shine. The investment in replacing these surfaces may be out of your budget, so make sure you’re using the proper cleaners to rejuvenate and maintain your stone so it reaches its fullest beauty potential.


    How do you know what a “good cleaner” is for your stone? Well, here is a list of considerations that you want to have before you buy.


    What Type Of Stone Do You Have? 

    Make sure you know if your countertops are granite or if your tile is marble. Knowing the type of stone in your home is imperative to choosing the best product for you. If a cleaner just says something generic like “stone cleaner,” then that’s probably a good sign that it’s not the best product.


    Check The Contents For Acid

    If a cleaner’s solution contains acidic elements, then you definitely want to stay away from it. Acid is what leads to discoloration, dulling, and even stains. Choose a cleaner that is acid-free and safe for your stone.


    Do You Need Something Specialized? 

    Maybe you’re trying to get the shine back into your countertops or you want to get rid of an annoying stain. You can’t simply keep cleaning and get the stone back to its original state. You need a little extra help. Thus, you should invest in items like stone conditioner or stone polish. These products will help to bring out shine and polish out small stains and scratches.


    Maybe You Just Need More Help

    Not everything can be fixed by switching to the “right” cleaner. Sometimes we’ve just missed the mark and pushed away our stone problems for too long that only professional help can save your stone. Professional craftsmen can either restore your stone to look brand new and get you off to the right start, or continuously maintenance your stone for you. If you need a little extra help, don’t hesitate to call the professionals at MARBLELIFE.


    Choose your cleaning products wisely and with care! Follow these stone care tips and you’ll be on your way to beautiful, shiny, and clean surfaces free from imperfections.


    Visit MARBLELIFE’s product page to view professional, safe, and effective products for all your stone care needs.

    A Checklist To Complete Before The Holiday Party

    They say it’s the most beautiful time of the year! Yes, that’s right it’s time for the holidays. The holidays invite all kinds of fun, friends, and family, which can all be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. And what are we most overwhelmed over? Is it buying presents, hopping between parties, or balancing work? Stress definitely stems from all of these factors, but a huge source of stress comes from hosting parties. If you’re the host for this year’s holiday festivities, then you’ll want to look at this checklist of tasks to do before the guests show up. You’ll be happy to have the advanced organization.


    Gather Your Guests

    Make sure you have a good idea of how many guests will be attending. Send out an invitation (digital or physical) and ask people to RSVP. If they haven’t by a certain time, then send a nice reminder. This way you don’t have to overestimate and over-prepare or be blindsided and be underprepared. You can have the right amount of food, favors, and fun with less stress.



    Make Your Own List

    Every party needs something different so unfortunately we can’t make this list for you. But we can give you some suggestions! Decide what type of food you’ll be serving or if you’ll hire a caterer. If you need to pick up some decorations, party favors, a new suit, or other accessories, write them down and get out with plenty of time to collect them. Get organized!



    Clean, Clean, And Clean 

    The one thing that you cannot forget to do is clean! First impressions are everything and whether you’re trying to impress your friends, parents, co-workers, or even potential business partners, a clean house says more than you ever could. Cleaning your home sends the message that you care for your guest’s comfort and have your life organized. (Even if you feel you don’t, perception is everything.)


    A useful tip when you clean, start with the kitchen. If you have stone flooring or countertops, then you know these are the heart of the home and give it life and beauty. Clean it properly with non-acidic and safe cleaners. Be sure to also polish out any stains or scratches. Finally, add some conditioner to give your kitchen a bright shine that’s sure to stand out. Repeat these steps anywhere else in the home that you find stone surfaces. If you simply don’t have the time, call up the professionals from MARBLELIFE and they’ll have your home sparkling and perfect in a snap!


    Sit Back And Relax 

    The party checklist is actually not that long, but people still stress. It’s all about getting organized and feeling confident. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the holiday spirit. Don’t let hosting the party bring you down! Turn on some fun holiday music, dance around the kitchen while you clean, and spread the holiday cheer not only to your guests, but also to yourself!


    Happy holidays and good luck hosting!